Erotic Story: The Holiday Guest

The Holiday Guest Susi's parents had been taking in holiday guests regularly over the summer holidays for many years. Mostly she found this rather disturbing, because she was limited in the execution of her hobby - no, rather her fetish. Susi had grown up on this farm. So it was completely normal for her to walk barefoot everywhere on the [...]

Winter break

Winter break From now on we are in the winter break, as it has unfortunately become too cold for photo shoots and video shoots. We did a lot this year, from the successful launch in July to the first photo shoot with a female model. Since July we also shot five videos, which weren't actually planned this way, but we [...]

Erotic Story: Joe and Lucy’s tale of extreme farmyard filth

Joe and Lucy’s tale of extreme farmyard filth By Swampy Jake (formerly Swampy Doom) Joe and Lucy had been seeing each other for just over a month now. So far their romance had been by far, one of the hottest that either of them had experienced. They shared an awesome sexual chemistry, and were both quietly excited by the possibility [...]

Erotic Story: Michaelas Manure Channel

Michaelas Manure Channel Nine times out of ten I was dressed in my usual grey leggings, white croptop and white sneakers. So, I gingerly plucked the outfit out of my closet and clad myself in it. Standing in front of the heart-shaped mirror at my makeup desk, I pulled my hair into a ponytail and secured it with a band. […]

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