Lyndra Lynn and Betty’s Cowshed Domination out now


We’ve a new video for you. For the first time together in the cowshed Lyndra Lynn and Betty.

We’ve planned a long time for Lyndra Lynn joining us in the cowshed and we’ve wanted to start with a big bang, so Betty joined her. With that this is also our first lesbian video in the cowshed.

Lyndra Lynn and Betty's Cowshed Domination

In our new 43 minutes long video Betty is being dominated by Lyndra Lynn. Betty is wearing nice equestrian clothes, a riding hat, a longsleeved sportshirts, red riding pants with nice laced boots and finished with white underwear.

Lyndra Lynn is wearing a nice and tight corset, pink latex gloves, a strapon harness with a nice horse dildo and pink boots. Of course everything is available in our auction.

You can read the full description on the product page. Here’s a short summary of what scenes are in the video. 

  • Lyndra Lynn fingering Betty
  • Lyndra Lynn fisting Betty
  • Her covering Betty in cow dung
  • slapping betty with different tools
  • anal play, fingering and fucking
  • fucking Betty with the horse dildo
  • Stuffing cow dung in Bettys pussy with a speculum
  • pouring cow dung over bettys head with a bucket
  • Betty climbing in the manure channel
  • Lyndra using hot way on Betty

and much more. Both had a lot of fun, so we can expact more from them together.

Lyndra Lynn & Betty's Cowshed Domination Trailer


Here’s a list of what items are on auction and what time they and. They will all end on the 29th May starting at 17:00 (MEST)

Helm Reithelm 17:00
Bettys Riding Pants 17:10
Bettys Sportshirt 17:20
Bettys Padded bra 17:30
Betty Puma panty 17:40
Bettys laced boots 17:50
Lyndras Corset 18:00
Horse Dildo 18:10
Lyndras Pink latex gloves 18:20
Lyndras Pink boots 18:30

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