Erotic Story: The Holiday Guest

The Holiday Guest

Susi’s parents had been taking in holiday guests regularly over the summer holidays for many years. Mostly she found this rather disturbing, because she was limited in the execution of her hobby – no, rather her fetish. Susi had grown up on this farm. So it was completely normal for her to walk barefoot everywhere on the farm in summer. Also, and especially in the cowshed. As a child she didn’t find anything wrong with walking barefoot through the dirty stable, on the contrary: She even enjoyed it when the cow dung was pouring through her toes. With puberty came a completely different fascination for the cow barn: In a peculiar way she got excited when she got dirty in the cow barn, and so it happened that she always went to this place when she was particularly horny and wanted to satisfy herself. She then usually used the time when her parents were shopping or were with the tractor on the field to wallow naked in the cow barn in a particularly dirty corner and fingered herself to orgasm. The feeling of being smeared with cow dung all over her body, which made everything so slippery, regularly brought her to fantastic orgasms! Of course she knew very well that this preference was anything but “mainstream” and that many would have declared her crazy and perverted if they had noticed. Well, of course it was a bit perverse – but that’s what turns her on…


At the age of 18 she had already had a few friends with whom she became intimate, but she never dared to tell them what really excited her – and so she preferred masturbating in the cow barn to real sex with boys.

But then three days ago this young couple from the city arrived here. She really wanted to go on a farm holiday and he had to come along, whether he wanted to or not! And he was sooo cute! He was exactly her type! At the end of his twenties he was almost a little too old for her, but she found him incredibly hot and dreamt since he was on the farm of taking him to the cow barn. This idea excited her so much that she even did it twice in her room at night while thinking about it.


Like every morning, they sat with their holiday guests at breakfast. Lost in thought, Susi languished at “her” Lars and only marginally noticed that Lars girlfriend would go to the weekly market with her parents to sell eggs, fresh milk and potatoes. Lars wanted to stay here and read a book on the terrace.

Immediately the thought flashed through her head. But no, she did not dare. Or did she? She felt how it began to tingle between her legs and she was already getting wet at the thought of Lars in the cow barn.


At 7:30 a.m. the farmers and the young city woman left the farm and drove to the market about 10 km away. Susi and Lars would be alone on the farm until at least 13:30. Susi hurried to her room to change her clothes again for the “stable work”. She chose a short cut jeans and a white t-shirt – she deliberately left out the underwear. She tied her long, blond hair into a ponytail and set off to visit Lars on the terrace. She had already noticed that he did not find her entirely unattractive. He had already looked at her voluptuous bust and curvy hips several times – she had certainly noticed that!


In fact, as announced, she found him sitting on the terrace with a book. She said that she was a bit uncomfortable, that she had to ask him for help, since he was here to relax and not to work, but she needed a helping hand at the milking machine for a moment and her father would not come back until the afternoon. Of course Lars agreed immediately. He also had his eye on the pretty young farmer’s daughter and had his problems in the last days to hide this from his girlfriend. 


They both went to the cowshed and Susi asked him if he had been in it during the last days, because many people couldn’t cope with the smell. Lars replied that her father had shown him the barn on the first day and that he didn’t mind the smell at all. Inwardly Susi jumped for joy because of this answer. Arriving at the stable both entered the anteroom to the stable, the lock. In this tiled room one usually takes off the street shoes and puts on the rubber boots. Susi put her sandals here and Lars took off his sneakers as well. Then Susi asked him: “Do you need rubber boots or do you come in barefoot as well?

“I always go barefoot. I love the feeling and rubber boots are only for sissies”


Lars was a little sceptical at first. But after the little one raved about it so euphorically, he got involved. So they both entered the barn and right after the sluice the cow dung was already standing on the grid floor, sometimes centimeters thick. Susi obviously enjoyed to step into it and led Lars into a back corner of the stable where a lot of manure was lying. She confronted him and asked a little embarrassed how he would like to walk barefoot through the barn. Lars replied that he actually found it quite pleasant. Now Susi bet everything on one card. She said to Lars: “You know, I don’t only like to walk around in the dung, I even like to sit in it! While she said this she squatted down and sat down in the middle of the cow dung which was about two centimeters deep at this place. Lars was visibly irritated, but also found it somehow exciting to see her sitting there in the mud. Then Susi went even further: She grabbed a big portion of cow dung with both hands left and right and started to spread it all over her white t-shirt. Thereby she smeared especially her big natural breasts which were wonderfully visible through the shirt. Her nipples were stiffly erect and clearly visible through the black-green cow dung smeared on her T-shirt. Now everything came down to Lars’ reaction. Would he flee the cow barn in disgust, or would the mess turn him on? A thick bulge in Lars’ trousers told Susi that he would probably not flee.


“Does that turn you on? Do you like it when I roll in the dung here?” Susie took her T-shirt off over her head and smeared some cow dung on her face. No sooner had she thrown the smeared shirt into the corner than she rubbed cow dung into her now naked torso again. She played with her nipples to get Lars in the right mood. “Get undressed and lie down next to me – it’s lovely!”. Without saying a word Lars started to take off his shirt. Susi now unbuttoned her jeans and Lars could see that she wore nothing underneath. After she had opened the first three buttons he saw her completely shaved pussy. Susi slipped her pants over her thighs and started to rub her legs with the greasy dark mass. She sat down in front of him with her legs apart, looked him straight in the eyes and pushed a pile of cow dung right between her legs with both hands. With a lustful groan she spread everything in her lap and even inserted her middle finger briefly.


“You are welcome to fuck me. But you have to do it here in the dung! “Come lie down with me, I want to feel your cock deep inside me. Without taking his eyes off her, Lars opened his pants and took them off. Carelessly he dropped them on the stable floor behind him. His underpants could no longer hide his stiff cock. Soon he had taken them off as well. Then he got down on his knees – at first cautiously and a little sceptically. Susi came up to him and laid him on his back. Then she climbed over him and kissed him passionately. Lars felt how her slippery soft body slid over him. She rubbed her breasts against him and pressed her pelvis against his. Then she slid on him so that his stiff cock lay between her legs. She felt it clearly on her labia and rubbed herself against them. Susi glided back and forth on Lars’ body without giving his cock the chance to actually penetrate her. Then she slid deeper until she lay with her face in front of his black.


They looked each other in the eyes. Would she really do it now? Would she actually put his penis smeared with cow dung in her mouth? Lady smiled at him briefly. Then she closed her lips around his cock and pushed it deep into her throat. Lars could not believe it at first, but it felt divine! Again and again she took the cock out of her mouth and swallowed it again in its entire length. Thereby she closed her lips tightly around his limb so that Lars almost came. Then she stopped and crawled up to his height again. Her lips were smeared with cow dung and saliva and some of it dripped from her chin. With her forearm she wiped her mouth a bit clean – but there was still enough cow dung on it. Lars couldn’t explain why, but he felt a strong excitement and the desire to kiss her deeply now! He grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her close until her lips touched. Then he kissed her passionately and licked her lips extensively. His excitement was now at its maximum and he wanted to penetrate her right away. But was it that simple? Wouldn’t it be dangerous to push all those bacteria into her? “Is it all right if we do it right?” he started. Susi just smiled at him and nodded happily. Then she pushed her pelvis down so that his tail slid into her very slowly as if by magic. It felt fantastic.


Either she was insanely wet, or the cow dung was a perfect lubricant. Very slowly she lowered her pelvis to let it slide in and out again and again. With each of these movements a soft smacking could be heard, which additionally started Lars. Her movements became faster and faster and Susi began to moan more and more loudly. She straightened up her upper body and began to ride it with short, shock-like pelvic movements. Her moaning became louder and louder until she finally let out short screams. Lars knew that she was about to come, but tried to hold back with her own orgasm. With a loud scream Susi flinched on him. She trembled all over her body and Lars felt that her abdominal muscles pulsed rythmically. Then she slowly slid down from him until his cock finally slipped out. Susi kissed him once more, smiled at him and said: “It is not enough for you yet? Then I’ll have to go one step further!”. Again she sat back down on his pelvis, but this time she grabbed his hard cock and introduced him anally without long preparation.


The cow dung proved to be an excellent lubricant and he penetrated her tight asshole without any problems. Again she moved slowly and passionately up and down, but now he could not control himself anymore. He was heading straight for a gigantic orgasm! Just before it was time Susi said: “I want you to cum in my mouth”, and in no time she got off him and took his cock back in her mouth. Only three times she had to insert it into her throat, then Lars couldn’t hold it anymore! He squirted a huge load of sperm into Susi’s mouth. A part of it came out of the corner of her mouth but she kept most of it in her mouth and swallowed it with pleasure. Lars pulled her close again and kissed her passionately despite her smudged mouth.

4 thoughts on “Erotic Story: The Holiday Guest

  1. Kurt says:

    Another amazing story. Much buildup and anticipation leading to a happy-ending. Much appreciated reading an excellent writing, thanks!

  2. Andy A says:

    So, so hot!!! I loved walking in cow shit as a kid–in the barn or the pit or on the field. I even tried to time getting under a cow as it shat. And I got a calf to suckle my teenage cock. Mmmmmm.

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