how our auctions work?

Our auction system is simple and it’s like any other big auction system you might know.

Auctions explained

How to bid?

The red circle displays where you can place your bid.

Here you can enter your maximum bid. Here is a example. If you place a bid of 50 € and another bidder places his bid of 40 € your bid will automatically outbid him for 40 €. You can also always update your maximum bid, by placing a higher bid as your previous one.

What is buy now?

The red circle displays where you can “Buy It Now”

Buy Now or Buy It Now, is where you can buy the product for the display price. Keep in mind the delivery charges will still be added!

What is the watchlist?

The red circle displays where you can add the item to your watchlist

The watchlist is for you to track a item you are interested in.

This is the overview of you auctions in your account. In the tab “WATCHLIST” you will find every item you put on your watchlist.

where can i find my auctions?

Click on the guy (1), this brings you to your account page or opens the drop down, where you can select my auctions (2)

Then you see your account overiew. Circled red is where you can find your Auction menu

This is your personal overview of your auctions, bid history, watchlist and soon ending auctions.

What is my auctions menu?

In the tab “Active Auctions” you can see your current auctions you’ve placed a bid on. If you won any auction it will be listed under “Won auctions”, from there you also can pay the item you won.

In the tab “Bid History” you can see your all of your previous placed bids. This is a nice overview to see when did you bid what amount on which item.

In the tab “Watchlist” you can see your all of your items you put on your watchlist. This is a good option to track items and its current status even if you did not place a bid on them.

In the tab “Ending soon” you can see your all of the auction which will end soon.

How can i pay?

It is the same checkout process as if you would be a norml video from us. We also accept the same payment methods. Click the button below to see an overview of what payment methods we accept.

How will it be shipped?

We ship worldwide. Our fee is fixed the additional delivery cost will be 20 €

Is the packaging safe? will anyone know or smell/see what I've bought?

Yes our packaging is safe. After the video shootings, we bag every item in to multiple bags and seal them tight. No liquid or smell can come out of them. The package itself is anonymous, nobody will see from the outside what is in the package.

If you still have doubts or more questions, you can always contact our support.

Click here to contact the support via email