Kaitlyn Katsaros Wild in Manure out now!


Kaitlyn Katsaros is here! In her first ever video with us in the cowshed and in cowshit. Full video is 44 minutes long and available in Full HD and Ultra HD.

Kaitlyn Katsaros Wild in Manure

Video description

Kaitlyn Katsaros finally has arrived at the cowshed. You all know her, if not you’re really missing out. It’s her first time ever in cowshit, sure she has done scat and many other dirty things, but she wanted to push herself to the next level.
In her debut she’s ready to explore the manure channel in the cowshed. She walks in wearing a nice sexy outfit, she’s of course a bit overwhelmed by the smell, so she wants to have an empty stomach for it. She puts her hand in her mouth and begins to throatfuck herself till she pukes, she fills her little backpack with her own vomit.
She kneels down next to the manure channel and takes a big sniff to take all the smell of the cowshit in.
Then she slides slowly in the manure channel for the first time and plays around in the cowshit. She’s already feeling it, so she finds it fitting to pull up her skirt and adds her own shit to the creamy mix. She’s really enjoying all that filth being covered completely in cowshit. She remembers her bag and what she brought with her, so she takes out her toys out of the backpack and pours her vomit all over herself. After that the real fun begins, with lots of smearing, submerging, BDSM, masturbation and fucking herself with various toys. Kaitlyn uses cowshit as a toothpaste smearing it around in her mouth and of course also in all her holes. Even Lyndra Lynn has a special appearance. Kaitlyn Katsaros is completely in her element, covered in all that shit and filth, depraved and self degraded.

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Kaitlyn Katsaros Wild in Manure

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