How everything started with Sweet Mook

sweet mook and how everything started

How I got to start ManureFetish and why Sweet Mook played a role in it.

Since we are still in the winter break, I thought I would tell you how I got started and why Zod Kadane and Sweet Mook inspired me to start my own Website.

I was still very young when I discovered this fetish for me. Maybe it is because I come from a rural area or because I was bored and want to explore the world in a different way. In any case, I had already discovered that I really like mud. I always had contact with animals, in our village there are many farmers and so it was normal to get in contact with cows etc.

Cow dung, liquid manure etc. never really interested me up to a certain point, it was just there and you just got dirty. At some point, I don’t know how and when anymore, I just had the urge to explore cow dung.

In the beginning I went to cow pastures to collect the flat cakes, but I never had the right amount. Times a two buckets full, but that was it then already. I definitely wanted more.

There were enough possibilities in the village, but how do I carry out my plan? I considered exactly where I was going, the way should not be too far, I should also remain undiscovered.

During the day I was on a farm near me, there I looked around, what possibilities there were. The closed slurry pit was out of question, I would have needed a ladder for that, I also did not know how deep it was. I also knew that dangerous gases can form on the bottom of the pit.

At the side of the cowshed I found some wooden planks covering a part of the floor. That could only mean that it went under the barn there.

In a night and fog action I finally got the courage to do it, I knew now exactly where I had to go.

I put on my old clothes, old shoes grabbed a flashlight and a screwdriver.

Arrived at the cow barn I went to the place and levered out the three wooden planks with the screwdriver, when I had already removed the first plank the exciting smell came towards me. My heart beat faster than I removed the other two. In front of me a small pit opened up on the side of the stable, half of which was filled with manure.

I was very excited and also very aroused, my dream and my imagination to bathe once completely in manure came true. I took one of the planks and held it in the hole to check how deep it was. Three quarters of the plank disappeared, which should mean that the liquid manure had to be about waist-high.

With anticipation I climbed into the small pit. With a bubbling sound I sank down piece by piece. Until I felt the ground at my feet and was waist deep in it. I enjoyed every moment in the soggy, creamy mass. I took a handful and smeared myself with it, more and more, until there was almost no clean spot on my body.

But I wanted it all, so I slowly knelt down to sink completely in the slurry. Slowly it went deeper and deeper until my head disappeared. I remained in that position for a short amount of time. It was total silence, I could only hear my fast heartbeat.

I emerged again and enjoyed it very much as the cow dung dripped from my head. After that I couldn’t hold on to myself anymore and I started to jerk off, it didn’t take very long until I had a strong orgasm that I didn’t expect. I stayed in the pit a little longer to enjoy it a bit more.

When I started to freeze I climbed out and put the planks back in their original place and then sneaked back home. At home I threw away my dirty clothes, cleaned myself roughly with the garden hose and went inside to have a shower.

There are many things in life that you will never forget, this first time experience is one of them.

This event was the birth of my fetish for cow dung. Many more visits followed, during the day, at night whenever the desire for it overwhelmed me.

With such a special fetish I always thought I was alone. It never occurred to me that there could be other like-minded people. Through my mud fetish I already knew many sites, Mud Puddle Visuals, etc. But none of these pages was anything with manure or cow dung. I don’t remember exactly when but somehow I found the German Wam-Portal and shortly after that I found

There I found like-minded people for the first time who also shared this fetish and passion. But still there was no website or similar thing that offered videos or photos. Not like Mud Puddle Visuals and their mud videos. I searched for a long time until I became aware of someone through very special boards.

The Lord of the Dung, Zod Kadane and Sweet Mook

I found the video Lord of the Dung with the actresses Sweet Mook and Poo, and the name Zod Kadane remains very much in my memory to this day. It is still one of the few videos in which female actors have to do with cow dung. But unfortunately it was also the only video with him which had to do with cow dung. Other videos of him, were focused on other animal Scat, Vomit etc.

The videos were distributed through several sites by Zod Kadane and Al Dred. Both ran many sites that were related to scat and other topics, but unfortunately since Lord of the Dung with Sweet Mook and Poo, nothing similar has appeared.

This is of course a pity for all manure fetishists, because there is extremely little material. There are far more extreme fetishes with much more videos and photos and websites.

Until 2018 I was not even sure if it would be really worth it and if there is any interest at all. But I wanted to do something in any case and it is worth a try as well. Zod Kadane had a similar problem, he just wanted to live out his fetish, he found a really good partner in BFI which supported him and got everything started.

The idea with ManureFetish came to me already in 2016, I sold the first videos as far as I can remember in 2017 and also started my Patreon in 2017, because Patreon was not a long term solution I had to create something on my own. So I started with the preparations for ManureFetish at the beginning of 2018.

In May 2019 I started the last phase of the development of the website. On 07.07.2019 it was finally done and the website and the shop were live. A location for the first photoshooting and further videos was fortunately also found quickly, which has been preserved until today.

Now we’re only waiting for good and warm weather to start shooting again. We already have several ladies who are ready for shooting and maybe one or even two new locations. More information about these locations will follow soon.

21 thoughts on “How everything started with Sweet Mook

  1. Anon says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, how many ladies you’ve got lined up? And are you able to say whether they are BBW or skinny etc? Thanks.

  2. mad23 says:

    8 models of volunteer, brilliantly great on sunny days !!!
    Plan to make a film with several girls at the same time, even see a film of lesbians in the dung. Thanks in advance.

  3. Totor says:

    Hey, I’d like to take a manure bath. Is there some place where I can do this (I can pay if necessary) ?
    I am a male.

  4. Valkyrie says:

    When do you think the weather will change enough to be able to shoot with the female models? Especially for full submersion? I can’t wait to see that glorious sight!

  5. Abs says:

    I ordered the photo set and I enjoyed Emily In The Manure channel very much .
    I would have ordered a Video of this as well if it were available. Will your female models be ‘filmed’
    in the future , or will it just be photosets ?

  6. mad23 says:

    hello, on twiter you published the first image of your video with a female model, when will the video be available for sale, to make us patient can you make an article to present the model and the video?

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