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Gossip Girl Auction Started

The auction of Lyndra Lynns clothes and toys from Gossip Girl has started and will [...]

Nights out with Betty and Lyndra Auction

The auction of Betty and Lyndra Lynns latest video with all their clothes and sextoys. [...]

Pookkake Auction Started

The auction of Betty's latest scat gangbang Pookkake has started. [...]

Manure Sports Cheerleader Auction

The auction from Bettys latest video has started you have now the chance to win [...]

Cow Slurry Date Auction is Ending – Shop bug fixed

The auction from Bettys latest video is ending today in a few hours. Also we've [...]

Bettys Farmer Girl and Sun and Dung Auction

New auctions form Bettys latest videos, Farmer Girl Betty's messy mistake and sun and dung [...]

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Christy Ley’s Auction

Christy Ley's Auction, from her first video with us "Christy Ley in the Manure Pit" [...]


2 Girls 1 Manure Channel Auction

With Betty and Lyndra Lynns new video there's of course also an auction which will [...]