Farmer Girl Betty’s Messy Mistake out now!


We’ve a new video from Betty in the cowshed “Farmer Girl Bettys Messy Mistake” is a 41 minutes long solo video and also of course we also have an auction for you.

The video is also now available for purchase or for all of our subsriber on our DarkFans profile which you can find here.

More information and the trailer at the end of this post.

Summary of Farmer Girl Betty's Messy Mistake

Once a gain we find Betty in the cowshed. In her new solo video she’s wearing a check shirt, grey top, grey bra, hotpants and grey undwear and also green rubber boots. Here’s a summary of some of the scenes in the video: 

  • Falls in the manure channel
  • Undresses the dirty clothes 
  • Covers herself with cow dung
  • Slides in the manure channel and gets covered more and more with cow dung
  • Begins to masturbate
  • Uses the rubber boots to pour cow dung over herself
  • Masturbates in various positions also using a carot as dildo
  • Fingering and fisting

Farmer Girl Bettys Messy Mistake Trailer

Full Video description

Betty was coming back from collecting vegetables in her basket until she noticed that the barn was not yet cleaned up. So she grabbed some tools to clean up, and as she was putting the wheelbarrow away, she fell into the manure channel. What a bummer Betty thought to herself, but while she was in there she might as well have some fun, because Betty likes to get dirty.. Without further ado, Betty undressed and smeared herself. When she was properly smeared, she grabbed her carrot from the vegetable basket and started to shove it into both of her holes. But that was not enough for her. She began to fist herself and also to piss. She also climbed out of the channel and jumped back in, she likes the feeling of the creamy dung all around her.. But time ran, after she got it, she went on to work, because there was still much to do.

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