Cow Dung Adventure Release and upcoming Auctions


We’ve a new video for you, Betty and Frankys Cow Dung Adventure our first video with a couple.

Betty and Franky together in one filthy video.

For our first couple video we planned shooting with a different female model then Betty and a ne male model. However unfortunately both of them cancelled just before the shoot.

But we were already in contact with Betty and fortunately she had time to shoot a video.

Betty and frankys cowdung adventure

During the production we ran into small problems and we also found out hat e can improve and change. But nevertheless the video turned out great and exactly the way we imagined it and also a stunning 85 minutes long, filled with dirty messy fun.

Betty and Franky are wearing casual clothes. Betty wears a blue top, white jeans, string thong, white socks and white shoes.

Franky is wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, white boxsers, white socks and also white shoes.

You can read the short summary of the video on the product page, here are some of the scenes which are in the video.

Scenes Betty and Frankys Cow Dung Adventure contains:

  • Both kissing and smearing themselfs with cow dung
  • Both climb into the channel together
  • Blowjob scene while both still being clothed
  • Betty and Franky undressing and covering themself more and more with dung
  • Both climbing back in to the manure channel and both submerge
  • Blowjob in the channel and more smearing
  • Both get into the manure channel multiple times
  • Multiple different sex positions, doggystyle, cowgirl, 69, oral
  • Peeing/squirting
  • Cumshot in mouth

The Video is available in Full HD and ULTRA HD and is 85 minutes long.

I hope you all enjoy and like our first couple video.

39,99 49,99 
36,99 46,99 

betty and frankys cow dung adventure teaser

Upcoming auction

There will also be a new auction. For now we’re only put Bettys clothes on auction. If you’re interested in the clothes of Franky let us know.

Items on the auction

Here are the items which will be on the auction. Each Item gets their own auction.

  • Bettys Blue Top
  • Bettys Shoes, EU size 37
  • Bettys Thong
  • Bettys Socks
  • Bettys White Jeans

As always, all he clothes are in the condition they were right after the video shooting. They have not been cleaned, they were sealed right after the shooting was finished.

We will let you know in a separate post and on social media when the auctions start.

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