John and Halsey get Mucked up Fucked up

John and Halsey get Mucked up Fucked up

One fine day, while driving around the countryside John and Halsey chanced upon the perfect location to act out one of their longest held sexual fantasies.

They had discovered a large cow shed that was seldom cleaned and until recently, had housed a great many cows. It was late afternoon and the sun was starting to set. It had been a hot day, and they had just eaten a tasty picnic.

Halsey had flowing black hair and wore a long white summer dress while John had lengthy brown hair and wore torn black jeans and a grey singlet.

Conveniently, a gate had been left open and they easily found their way up to the main entrance of the barn. 

“Shall we go inside?”

Asked Halsey in a cheerful tone, trying hard to hide her excitement from John.

“Sure. Let’s do it. I have a good feeling about this place.” Replied John with a wry grin.

Standing on the threshold to the barn, John pulled Halsey towards him and kissed her aggressively. He felt her hot tongue dart in and out of his mouth as he tasted her slightly sour breath. He liked how her breath smelt and he savored the taste of her mouth.

In this way they exchanged several quick kisses, before moving on into the barn. 

Upon entering they were immediately greeted by the pungent aroma of cow dung; that sweet, acrid yet strangely appealing smell.  They found this scent to be rather intoxicating, and neither could resist the urge to venture deeper into the barns forbidden depths. 

This was something they had always wanted to do but had never dared try, until now.

Once they had entered, Halsey paused and looked around the room. 

“I think I’ll sit down.” she said.

She then proceeded to squat on the dusty barn floor, pulling her dress from underneath her.

She wasn’t wearing any panties and as she sat down, she could feel the grimy earth against her plump round ass.

The ground was slightly warm and the bull dust clung to Halsey’s posterior. It felt nice, and she smiled, enjoying the thought that she was becoming sullied and also because it felt like she was doing something illicit, yet she felt no shame in doing so.

Outside, the air was still and a hushed silence hung over all, a silence that was only interrupted by the occasional bird and the distant mooing of the cows that stood in the fields afar.

Beams of yellow light shone through cracks in the wall, illuminating the occasional fly and casting a dreamlike ambiance over the scene.

Halsey looked at John, and half frowned, half smiled.

She grimaced from the corner of her mouth; it was a well practiced expression that had become one of her signatures, and whose significance wasn’t lost on her lover.

The barn around them was teeming with filth, the floor laden with countless piles of muck and manure. Some corners of the shed were nothing but deep quagmires of cow dung. 

Halsey positioned herself in-front of one the largest piles of dung and looked directly at john, who stood nearby.

The cowpat that she sat before would have reached up to her stomach, if she were to sit next to it.

“Do you love me John?”

Asked Halsey, in a low, husky tone.

John stared directly into Halsey’s glistening green eyes, and searched her face for some hidden meaning.

It seemed to him, that her eyes begged but one true answer.

“Yes Halsey, I love you.” said John, in a tone of solemnity. 

He then wrinkled his nose, making an expression of disgust before returning his gaze of adoration.

Halsey kept pulling back the corner of her mouth, making that same look of exaggerated revulsion, that John found so alluring.

The tension in the air was electrifying. 

Halsey let out a low sigh.

She was starting to feel a growing tingling in her nether regions, a feeling that grew stronger and stronger with each heartbeat.

She hitched up her skirt and spread her legs, showing off her soft wet pussy, crowned by its prickly mat of brownish cunt-hair.

Halsey extended her pussy just the slightest bit and could feel it getting moist. Her eyes were fixed decidedly on John.

Well, he’d asked for this, she thought. And in her own way, she had too.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Johns cock stiffening under his jeans.

She knew that he wanted her just as badly as she wanted him.

Gazing into each other’s eyes, they showed a look of deepest devotion mixed with one of most hopeless longing.

Suddenly it was all too much, and they were forced to divert their gazes, pretending instead to look about the barn. 

But all they could see was the filth which surrounded them on all sides; nothing but piles and piles of slimy, smelly cow-dung. 

As they looked around, thoughts began to arise in their minds.

What where they doing there?

Making love?

For a moment they couldn’t believe it was real.

How could they actually be doing this?

“This is disgusting.” Said John.

“I know.” Said Halsey.

“This is so gross.”

Once again their eyes found each other, drawn together like two flies that had long been circling in midflight, finally copulating in the air.

Their gazes had once again returned to the only true beauty that existed in that room; the look in each other’s eyes. 

“I love you too.” said Halsey in a low whisper.

Now their eyes widened, as it dawned on them that there was no going back now.

They knew that nothing could prevent them from living out all their most indecent and repressed longings in that sordid, filthy cow-shed.

Still staring at John, lips slightly parted, Halsey let out a silent moan.

Casually she slipped out of her long flowing dress, waving her hips seductively and kicking up the dust as she slivered against the floor.

She spread her legs wide, and gave John a dirty look with just a hint of shame.

Lowering her head she rudely spat against her pussy, making it glisten with her wet, sticky saliva.

She then took hold of her pussy lips and stretched them wide apart, exposing the depths of her cunt in all its pink and crimson glory. Straining, Halsey let out a small amount of piss, muddying the barn floor beneath her.

She continued to stare directly at John, with an almost aggressive look of disgust, eyes half opened as if in a dream.

She then dribbled another glob of spittle and allowed it to ooze freely from her lips, until it snapped off and fell directly onto her gaping pussy mound, making a satisfyingly wet splat.

John stood spellbound as he witnessed what was without a doubt the most depraved and degenerate act a woman had ever performed for him; and he was loving every second of it.

Halsey continued to stare mordantly at John, still wearing the much exaggerated look of disgust.

She now maneuvered herself so that her pussy was directly facing the large cowpat.

It was between her and John with only a few feet separating her cunt from its brown mass.

John couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Slowly, Halsey started to move her hips back and forth in a hypnotic fashion, simultaneously dusting the floor beneath her ass.

She began to edge closer and closer towards the pile of bovine filth.

Halsey moved so that just the tip of her clit was touching the cowpat.  Precariously she hovered her pussy over the pile, threatening to engulf her sweet snatch in all that rancid slop, whilst giving John a somewhat mocking look filled with half indifference, half disdain. 

Halsey raised one eyebrow.

“Do you dare me to?” She said, grinning wickedly.

 “Yeah, I dare you.” said John, his eyes blazing with an animalistic hunger.

Halsey opened her mouth in an expression of delight mixed with that same half open eyed look of dreaminess.

She scrunched up her nose, once again feigning disgust. 

“Oh no, this is soo degrading.”

But her mask was beginning to slip, for at that very moment she was filled with such yearning that she could barely keep her act together. She wanted so badly to be fucked in all that sloppy, stinky manure like a filthy, dirty animal.

The tension was unbearable, however she managed to keep her composure… for now anyhow.

 “So you wanna see me covered in cow dung huh? Hot stinky cow dung?” asked Halsey coquettishly.

 “Yes” Replied John.

“All that brown muck, all over my nice clean pussy. Is that what you want?” she said.

“Yeah” Spoke John.

“OH Yuuuck!” bayed Halsey, her voice modulating slightly.

In one long deliberate movement, Halsey opened her mouth wide, as if she was about to sneeze and allowed her head to fall backwards.

She wasn’t looking at anything anymore, because she was now completely besides herself with a feeling of the utmost depravity. 

Using her hands to propel herself forwards, Halsey felt as her twat came into contact with the semi crusted surface of the cowpat.

By now, her pussy was so sensitive that she could almost taste the manure with her cunt lips. It felt like vibrations of perversion were coursing through her very being.

Halsey inched her pussy just the slightest bit further into the manure pile, breaking its crust and exposing the vibrant, yellowish brown hues that lay just beneath its surface. 

The sweet stench of manure wafted though the air as it escaped from the broken cow pat. 

Halsey felt an explosion of sensation take hold of her entire body, as her cunt began to nuzzle into the dung pile, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout her. 

A surge of blood flowed down her love canal, engorging her pussy with the discolored passion of her desires, and making it like a rose in full bloom.

Now she began to tremble from the intensity of what she was feeling, a feeling so strong and yet also intermingled with her love for John.

Finally, she could resist no more and in one swift motion she shoved her entire cunt into the gooey cowpat, moaning like an animal as she did so. 


A squelching sound was heard as Halsey’s pussy became fully engulfed in the slimy brown mass of sticky wet cow dung. She could feel it oozing all over her most intimate areas, giving her a revolting caress of pure filth. 

Opening her eyes in rapture, Halsey looked at John, and an almost pleading look crossed over her face.

Having her cunt totally immersed in cow dung was only making her feel even hornier.  Now she wanted nothing more than for John to ravish her down there on the filthy barn floor. She desperately needed to have her pussy filled with cock, and to have her innermost depths plunged and pummeled until they oozed sublimely with dung and filth.

John could see the longing in her eyes and he wasted no time.

He pulled off his shirt and pants and got down on the barn floor.

Edging himself towards her, he got in-front of Halsey and looked down at the steaming pile of manure that sat between her legs. As he got closer the stench filled his nostrils. The sight of her pussy, obscured by all that muck was both grotesque and sublime at the very same time.

“Fuck me! Oh fuck me John!”

Begged Halsey.

John moved closer and grasped Halsey’s ankles.

Halsey felt her heart begin to race in anticipation, knowing full well what was about to happen to her.

Firmly gripping both her legs, John pulled Halsey towards his massive erection.

Halsey could feel her bottom sliding across the muddy barn floor, smearing and dislodging even more cow dung, as her pussy moved inexorably on its collision course with John’s dick.

Panting heavily, she looked down and saw his cock entering her though the disgusting mass of brown, oozing cow-filth that had crowned her cunt. She felt him slipping inside her, lubricated by all the sludge. Cow dung oozed between them as John forced his Cock inside Halsey. He fell atop her and they exchanged passionate kisses as he began to pump her dirty pussy mound with wild and reckless abandon.

“OHH OH OH!” Moaned Halsey as she felt the manure being forced inside her. 

John continued to pump away, feeling the sticky ooze smear between them and making various sloppy sounds as they fucked. Then he eased out for a bit; he wanted to make this experience last. John began teasing Halsey’s dung coated clit with just the tip of his dung coated dick, while at the same time he reached around and grabbed her ass and started squeezing and massaging her divine booty. 

The stench of cow-dung was all around them, and it was driving them wild.

John reached down and scooped up as much manure as he could, gathering up several large cowpies that were nearby. He then lifted the pudding like mass above Halsey’s snatch and began to widen his fingers, causing the formless pile of glop to seep through and allowing the rotten slop to plop all over Halsey’s open cunt, like an obscene dirty dollop. 


Halsey’s eyes rolled back in a feeling of sick bliss. She couldn’t believe what he was doing to her. 

Using his hands, John started to massage the cow dung into Halsey’s pussy. He rubbed the muck all over her cunt and fingered her through the dung.

He smeared wet stinky cow dung over Halsey’s breasts and began to massage the filth all over her naked body.

“This is so nasty.

Oh god it stinks so bad!”

Said Halsey as she breathed in heavily on the putrid milk/rotten egg smell of the cow poo, that was now smeared disgustingly all over most of her body.

She gagged on the smell. It was truly disgusting, and she felt a sense of the most profound and utter degradation. Yet somehow this only made her want it all the more. Oh what cruel fate! 

Now they embraced and began feverishly kissing while savoring the stink. John let his cock slip into Halsey’s muck hole and they started fucking again. Halsey could feel John pumping even more, raw, bovine filth into her sweet snatch; he was turning her poor cunt into a regular sewer. 

 “Don’t stop!”

Cried Halsey. She was positively beside herself now, ready to orgasm at any moment. 

Much to her surprise (and considerable displeasure), John suddenly retracted his member. It took him every ounce of his willpower to do so, but he was committed to driving her completely crazy.

He then stood up and wiped his dung encrusted cock all over her pretty face, smearing her features with the vile brown ooze.

Without even thinking, Halsey took his dirty cock into her mouth and began sucking it vigorously. She could taste the awful taste of the cow manure, as she sucked and sucked. The smell and the taste filled up her total awareness.

To someone else this might have been a truly sickening ordeal, but to her it felt utterly orgasmic and she couldn’t stop herself from greedily sucking the cow dung off Johns cock.

Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked harder and harder, relishing the feeling of degradation that the whole experience was giving her. 

Soon John could feel himself reaching orgasm, and like a cannon he blasted his considerable load right inside Halsey’s mouth. Halsey felt as her whole mouth became filled with hot, salty semen, mixed with cow dung, which she couldn’t help but gulp down, in one greedy swallow.

John pulled his cock out of Halsey’s mouth. She had sucked it clean. However his erection didn’t go away. He was still harder than ever and hornier than hell, and he’d yet to make her cum. 

Now he turned Halsey around and started fucking her doggy style.

He fucked her harder and harder watching her ass-cheeks move up and down as he got balls deep, penetrating the deepest depths of her stinking love cave.

Reaching down to the barn floor, he scooped up more handfuls of cow-dung and started rubbing them over Halsey’s peachy ass cheeks, as he continued to fuck her like a man possessed. He slapped her ass, once, twice, three times, each time slapping harder than the last. The sudden pain contrasted with all the other sensations that Halsey was feeling, and only added to her immeasurable pleasure.

She felt totally submissive getting fucked in that position; her only view being the dirty barn floor which lay in-front of her, plastered with mud and dung.

As John continued to pound Halsey from behind, they began to slowly slide across the floor, which had become quite slippery from all the cow dung they’d managed to get everywhere. Halsey now became aware that a very large, watery looking cowpat was slowly looming into view. It dawned on her that she was being forcibly fucked towards it. Soon it came to pass, that this most disgusting of cow dung, was directly underneath her face.  It was at this point that she started to orgasm.

“Oh God why now, oh noo, nooo ewww!”

She thought as she began to climax.

Halsey erupted into an orgasm of monumental proportions, submitting finally to all of the feelings that had long been building up inside of her. She let out a deep, primordial moan, as John grabbed her hair and pushed her face directly into the wet, runny cowpat. 


Disgustingly creamy, foul tasting, bovine-sludge filled her mouth and nostrils as Halsey came like thunder, gushing all over Johns cock, while at the same time John had another orgasm, spraying the last of his liquid love juice all over Halsey’s dung stained asshole.

They fell to the floor and writhed around in an uncontrollable orgy of sexual release, in the process, getting completely covered in muck and manure. Finally they oozed together, kissed sweetly and embraced one-another, both feeling totally and utterly spent, befouled and in love. They were now quite unrecognizable, looking more like demonic swamp creatures than anything human. 

Feeling at last sated, they allowed themselves to be carried away by the warm afterglow of their orgasms. It felt like a soothing blanket of filth was lulling them into a peaceful, dreamy slumber; indeed, they had never known such perfect tranquility until now.

Soon they had fallen into a deep sleep, whereupon they rested peacefully for the entire night. 

They were awakened the next morning by a sudden noise.

It was the farmer, who had returned to do his daily rounds.

“What the fucks going on in here!?”

Said the farmer as he caught sight of them, and saw that they were completely naked and covered in cow dung. 

“What in God’s name is wrong with you people?!”

Said the farmer as he stared at them, completely aghast. 

“It’s alright” said John in a relaxed manner.

“We’re from the environmental protection agency, and we were just taking a look to see whether your waste disposal protocols weren’t violating EPA standards.”

Explained John diplomatically.

“We’ll that’s fine then I guess.”

Said the farmer, somewhat taken aback. 

“Say would the two of you like to come inside our homestead and share breakfast with me and the missus, after you’ve had a nice hot shower of course?” 

Said the farmer, in a much friendlier tone.

“Why, that’s most gracious of you.” Said Halsey.

“Yes, that’s a very kind offer. We’d love to join you and your wife for breakfast.” Said John, smiling.

And so John and Halsey went with the farmer to the main farm-house, where they were treated to a scrumptious feast of poached eggs on toast and waffles with maple syrup. Over breakfast they became quite good friends, and they were to have many more, filthy farm adventures, which even the farmer and his wife ended up joining in on.

The end. 

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