Erotic Story: Joe and Lucy’s tale of extreme farmyard filth

extreme farmyard filth


Joe and Lucy’s tale of extreme farmyard filth

By Swampy Jake (formerly Swampy Doom)

Joe and Lucy had been seeing each other for just over a month now. So far their romance had been by far, one of the hottest that either of them had experienced. They shared an awesome sexual chemistry, and were both quietly excited by the possibility of exploring each others most wild and intimate desires.

Originally they’d met through a mutual acquaintance, and soon found that they shared a love of gardening, in particular permaculture.
Now they were regularly meeting up to garden together, mainly at Lucy’s. She’d recently inherited a house that was located out in the country.
Things were going well.

Little did they suspect what foul and depraved frolics, they’d soon be getting up to,
Not even in their wildest dreams would they have imagined…

While Lucy tendered her garden she’d periodically bend over, rooting around in the soil, digging and probing with her trowel. Every time she did this, her perfect round ass would bob up and down in the air, like a sexy counterbalance. Just seeing that peachy sweet ass gave Joe a massive hard on. He desperately wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her right there in all the mud and dirt. Lucy had some intimation of this and she rather enjoyed teasing him, making excuses to bend over when she knew he was watching.
Sometimes she’d stick her hand directly in the dirt. She didn’t mind getting a bit dirty, in-fact she rather liked the idea. The thought of him fucking her in the garden, sullying and making a complete mess out of her, actually made her quite wet.

One Sunday, both Lucy and Joe were gardening together, preparing a raised garden bed, when Joe got an idea.
“These strawberries would grow a lot better with some kind of fertilizer”
He said.
“Hmm do you know where we could get some?”
They were in a rural area that Lucy had actually grown up in, and as such she was more familiar with the region.
“Well there’s the big dairy farm just a mile away” she said.
“Usually there are bags of manure out the front that they give away”
“Do you feel like going for a walk? We could go and get some. It might make for a nice break from gardening”
Asked Joe.
“Alright” agreed Lucy.
Secretly she had been dreaming of taking him there. Years ago, she used to sneak into the dairy, first out of curiosity, but soon she’d started going there just to step in the dozens of cow pats that littered the fields. The first time she’d pushed her foot into one and seen the olive green slime, ooze out from around her clean white sneakers, something had triggered inside of her, a warm tingling sensation. The sight of all that cow filth grossed her out but it also excited her in a strange way. Later on she had taken to removing her shoes and squelching her bare feet into the sloppiest piles she could find, relishing the feel of the cool muck as it oozed between her toes.
Joe knew nothing of this, yet he had always wanted to fuck a woman in a muddy farm, or in a barn and right now he really had the hots for Lucy, as she did for him.

The two left the property and walked down the country road towards the diary. It was a warm summer day, and the air was sweet and fresh.
Soon they got to the dairy farm. Usually there were bags of manure out the front, but today there were none.
“Hmm I don’t see any.”
Said Joe.
They wandered around the side and looked over the fence.
Lucy leaned over the low wire fence. Looking over the field a wry grin dawned over her face.
“Looks like they’ve got plenty of fertilizer though”
She said, devilishly beaming at Joe.
The field adjacent to her, had obviously housed many livestock for quite some time.
The ground was almost completely covered with cow-filth. Some parts were nothing but boggy trenches of muck and manure. A peculiar grassy aroma wafted through the air, and they could both smell it. Joe took a glance at Lucy’s ass as she playfully bent herself backward over the fence. She could feel his gaze and flung her hair back with a cool gesture.
He walked up behind her and firmly squeezed her ass.
“Want to get all mucky my dear?” whispered Joe.
She turned around and gave him a peck on the cheek. But then she acted disinterested. She was doing her coy act now.
“Well I guess we’d better go back” she said.

They were both grinning sheepishly and leaning over the fence that bordered the main paddock.
There was a large barn and some other sheds nearby.
They were silent for while.
Finally Joe broke the silence.
“The place looks pretty empty”
“Maybe they have some bags of manure out back. You want to take a look?”
“Hmm I dunno”
Answered Lucy. But her face betrayed her true desire. He could see the thinly concealed excitement that flickered behind her eyes, like a fire, ready to break out at any moment.
Joe jumped over the fence and was now in the cow field.
“Maybe we could carry back a few cow pats for the garden”
He said jokingly, poking at one with the front of his boot.
“Yuck, I don’t think so” answered Lucy, still grinning.
Seeing that Joe had already jumped the fence she felt more confident, and decided to follow him. Her heart was starting to beat faster. She felt like they were doing something slightly wrong, yet she wanted to follow him anyway.
Lucy walked casually over to the fence and vaulted herself over. She almost made the jump but just as she was in mid flight her dress got caught on something. There was a ripping sound and she lost her balance.
“Oh craap!!” She shrieked as she went headlong onto the paddock soil.
“Are you alright?” inquired Joe, genuinely concerned.
“Oh yeah I’m fine, never been better. Oh crud, not my new dress.”
Lucy looked down where she’d landed. She’d come down right on top of a huge cow pat. It had broken her fall but it had also splattered all over the front of her blouse. Some bits had even sprayed on her pretty face.
“Oh yuuuck!” she uttered in disgust, wiping away the goo as best she could.
“Well I guess we did get some manure after all” said Joe, laughing as he saw the extent of her ruined top.
“Hey! Don’t laugh at me!”
Shouted Lucy in consternation,
“You want some too?”
She picked up a handful of cow dung that was lying by her side and threw it directly at Joe. It hit him in the face.
For a moment he looked shocked then a devilish expression crossed his eyes.
Lucy knew exactly what it meant. She started backing away into the fence.
“Sorry.. I was only joking” she stuttered. But it was too late. Joe had already scooped up a full cow pie with both hands and was raising it high over Lucy’s head.
“Oh no, noooo. Not that, please.” Whined Lucy. She closed her eyes as the inevitable happened and Joe catapulted the enormous dollop of dung right on-top of her. It landed with a disgusting wet “plop!” all over her breasts, where it oozed down her chest and onto her belly, slowly sliding like thick, day old porridge.

“Oooh god! Yuck!!” Shrieked Lucy, as she felt the vile slop descend over her chest, and under her clothes.
Lucy took a deep breath and looked up at Joe.
She couldn’t believe what he’d just done.
“Now we’re even.”
Said Joe grinning.
He reached down to help her up out of the mess, but to his surprise she pulled him towards her.
“So, you want to get dirty?” She said. Now her eyes shone like hot coals.
Joe stumbled and fell on top of her. They were face to face and for a few moments they simply stared into each others eyes, then they began to kiss passionately, furiously.

Her tongue slid in and out of his mouth, and they pressed their bodies against one another.
He reached under her blouse and started to massage her cow dung covered breasts. He continued to work them, feeling how wonderfully slimy they were from all the filth.
“Ohhh yess” she moaned.
She could feel his cock straining to enter her, straining hard though his jeans. She began to grind her crotch onto it. They continued kissing and dry humping at the edge of the paddock, getting all the more disheveled in the process. The smell of cow dung was overpowering and now Lucy had smeared the front of Joe’s clothes too. Joe found the rip in Lucy’s dress and started to pull at it, making an even bigger hole.

He slid his hand into the hole in her dress and started to caress her wet pussy. He rubbed it and played with it, and slid his fingers in and out. They both desperately wanted to fuck each other, but they had forgotten that the field was still quite exposed. A car drove past on the nearby road and they suddenly stopped, diving down into the grass.
Pausing for a moment they looked around and saw that one of the doors to the main barn was open.
“Lets go in there”
Said Joe.
“Ok Mr. Farmer” said Lucy.
Hand in hand they walked into the barn. There were corals on each side filled with cows, but otherwise the barn was empty. There was a trench down the middle of the barn, about a meter deep and with an opening at one end. They peeked inside and saw nothing. Not wanting to waste anymore time,
They soon resumed their mad kissing, sucking fuck-fest, right in the middle of the barn.
Lucy pulled at Joes belt.
“Oh god I want to be fucked so badly. Fuck me!” Begged Lucy.
Joe didn’t need any motivation; swiftly he undid his belt and removed his trousers.
They both undressed and flung their clothes in a nearby pile of hay. Then they got down onto the dirt of the barn floor and started touching and caressing each other. Joe started teasing Lucys cunt with the tip of his cock. Her pussy was already very wet and so he slid it in. The feeling of entering was sublime. They had only just started to fuck when they heard the sound of some kind of vehicle, it seemed to be approaching the site of the barn, fast. Panicked they stopped and looked for a place to hide. They didn’t have any time to dress.
“Oh fuck!! Where can we hide?!”
Said Lucy, now in a panic.
“Down there?” suggested Joe hesitantly. He pointed to the opening in the middle of the barn, there seemed to be no other place to go.
They both knew it wasn’t a great idea, but it was just an empty pit, and a large portion of it was covered, so they could hide there. How bad could it be?
They now saw that a large cylindrical truck was backing into the barn.
“Oh No, we shouldn’t get caught!”
Said Lucy.
Not wanting to be found, naked, cow dung covered and fucking in a barn, the two carefully stepped down into the canal in the center. They held their breath and waited.
The truck seemed to back up slowly until it was right inside the barn. Then they heard the engine stop and the farmer get out. They huddled together, Hearts fluttering like mad birds of paradise. They realized they were not cold but were actually sweating. They heard footsteps above and some sound, something being unhooked?
Then they saw it. Through the opening where they’d entered the pit, a large bending pipe was flung over the edge. It hung downward, like some obscene snake or giant phallus.
No, It couldn’t be. Surly this wasn’t happening. Silence followed. In that silence they thought they could hear each others hearts,
“Bdum Bdum Bdum!!” Now they looked around and noticed that this canal wasn’t really as clean as they had initially thought, for although it was dry, some kind of dirt caked it on all sides.
“Oh god no” whispered Lucy.
Then they heard a machine’s motor start up nearby, and a disgusting gurgling sound began to issue forth from the mouth of the pipeline. They stared at it dumbly, transfixed, glued to the spot. There was nowhere for them to go. They were trapped. They had trapped themselves in a slurry pit and it was now about to be filled. They both felt sick to the stomach as it dawned on them what was about to occur. And then it happened.

It came suddenly. A deluge of rank smelling liquid slime spurted out of the pipeline. They tried to avoid it but to no avail. The sickening sludge soon covered every inch of their naked bodies.
The stench was unimaginable, and it was disgustingly warm.
“Oh god this is so horrible” cried Lucy as she clutched at Joe tightly and suppressed the urge to gag. She could feel he still had an erection, and in spite of herself, and the foulness of it all (or perhaps because of it) she felt more aroused than ever.
They had wanted to get dirty but this was like some kind of nightmare.
The cow-dung sprayed and spurted allover them, thick and lumpy, it oozed over Lucy’s pendulous breasts and it dripped off Joe’s rigid cock. They groaned and gasped for air, only to retch and gag on the vile stench.
Finally they gave in, they could take it no longer.
There was no need for foreplay this time; the slime had caressed every part of their bodies driving them into an uncontrollable frenzy of filth. Defeated, Lucy slid to the floor of the slurry pit, as the cow-dung cascaded endlessly around her. Joe fell on top of her, Sliding his Cock into the mound of filth that had once been her sweet, sweet pussy. He started pumping it into her and soon they were fucking in all the mess. They could feel the muck ooze out of her pussy, as with each thrust of Joe’s cock, more and more putrid slime was pushed inside.
“OH OH OOOH! I LOVE IT” Screamed Lucy in mad ecstasy.
They didn’t care anymore if they were discovered, and they yelled wildly like frenzied farm animals, but the sound of the slurry pump muffled their shouts.
Finally, just as the slurry was getting too deep to breath they climaxed at the very same time, exploding into uncontrollable orgasm. Grasping each other they writhed and twisted, finally collapsing together into the cow filth that was all around them, utterly exhausted. They lay there for a while, their minds struggling to process what had just happened, their senses pushed to their very limit.
Miraculously, as they lay there, half buried in semi liquid cow-dung, they saw the slurry pipe retract. Then the truck started up and left the barn. They didn’t know the meaning of this but they weren’t about to waste any time.
Joe and Lucy scrambled to their feet. They were now totally unrecognizable, just two brown blobs of living manure. They walked over to the edge of, what they now knew was a manure pit and helped each other out. Joe climbed out first then reaching down he helped Lucy out. They quickly scrambled to grab their clothes from under the hay, quickly dressed, then ran out of the barn.
Soon they had leaped the fence, (Lucy had no problem this time) and were on their way home. A passing car beeped it’s horn at them, evidently they were quite a sight, but they didn’t care. When they got home they showered and went to bed. Even after showering the smell still clung to them. It would be days before it was gone completely.
Embracing each other, they fell into a deep sleep. This would be a day they’d never forget.

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  1. Kurt says:

    Totally erotic and amazing detailrd story! I hope there is a part II of this story someday. I am sure they made many more excursions to the cow barn together after this 1st encounter. : ) grin!

  2. Andy A says:

    Completely wicked story!!! Just wish they had given in and puked on each other as the smell overtook them. ANd may it would trigger them to add their own shit.

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