Second Year Anniversary and Sale

Hello fellow dung lovers,

It’s now our second year since we’ve launched our website and community. Yet again a lot has happened this year. 

Here you can read the post of our first year anniversary 

We’ve shot a total of 7 models in 2020. Betty, Emily, Niko, Dasha, Lada, Milena and Mary Craft.

With Niko, Dasha, Lada, Milena and Mary Craft from Sell Your Content (SYC) productions. Which we also offered to our fanbase. You can read more about it on our Sell Your Content special page.

The videos with the girls above where shot from an also small production team which wanted to shoot with us but because of the distance between us and corona, they’ve decided and managed to shoot the videos on their own. The videos were relatively well received and we thought also that they were produced with a great effort. They didn’t had the opportunity to shoot on a farm like we do, but they build a beautiful farm like set for their videos.

We also have some more people interested in our SYC part, they showed interest in shooting videos. More information about that later when we have more details on it.

In 2020 we also shot our first female video with Aiyana, which you all really loved. Following the both videos with Aiyana we shot with our great star Betty. This was also of course a huge success because many of you know Betty for her previous work.

We planned on shooting more videos especially with men or in general more men. However due to corona and the restriction in Germany and Europe we sadly had to set some priorities and delay some of the productions.

We hope that nearly all restrictions like travel restriction will be lifted so we have a larger opportunity in shooting with more people.

For this year we’ve planned at least one shooting again with Betty and one (first time) shooting with our new model Lyndra Lynn, who also expressed a great interest in shooting with us.

At this point we again, want to thank you gratefully for your support and your love for our fetish.

Best wishes

Dominik aka Franky


Your ManureFetish Team

Second year anniversary sale

And of course to celebrate our second year anniversary we have a 30 % sale for you. The anniversary sale will end on the 10th July at 0:00 CET

A selection of our products on sale

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10,00 20,00 

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