Lyndra Lynn is a filthy maid release and voting

Lyndra lynn is a filthy maid out now

Lyndra Lynn’s newest video. The video was shot in POV style, so it’s like you are there with her. She always wanted to play with it, but she was always to shy to try it out. Until now! She fills the bowl with her brown, after she’s done, she takes it out and smears all of it on his chest and belly. After she’s done with the smearing, she turns around and starts fucking him in reverse cowgirl, while he smears some of hers on his chest and her booty. After the riding she slides back so he can finger her beautiful tight pussy. At this point she is soaking wet, so they switch to doggystyle where he fucks Lyndra really good and also covers her ass completely with the brown cream. In the end he shoots his load all over her tight cute asshole.

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Lyndra Lynn is a filthy maid trailer

Lyndra Lynn ManureFetish video shooting voting

Lyndra Lynn wants to shoot with us and of course we would like to shoot with her! So because she likes cosplays, we have a open voting for you.

You can write us your favourite cosplay which she should wear during her first video with us. When the voting is closed, then we will select a few and start one final vote.

Please vote below

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Would you love to see Lyndra Lynn covered in cowshit?

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