First Anniversary and Aiyana Queen of the dung 2 release

first anniversary aiyana queen of the dung 2

First anniversary

Hello fellow dung lovers.

It has been one year since we’ve launched our website and started a very special journey. It was a wild ride and lot has happened.

We’ve started on July 4th 2019 with a few videos of myself, which spiked the interest in that specific fetish niche. I’ve received many email and comments from people all around the world, reaching out to me telling me that they are happy that finally there is content out there and they found someone who’s also into cow dung.

I’ve received a lot of support which I am very grateful for. For example Swampy Jake, who writes amazing erotic stories for us. Also Carrie, a new addition in our guest author team, she has also written a really hot story.

There are many more who support us of which I’m really grateful of and I hope they will be with us even longer.

In our first year, we had our first photo shooting with Emily, which all of you liked and it was some big step towards more fetish content with girls. We’ve also planned our first video shooting with a female last year. But by the time everything was ready for it, I’ve decided not to shoot, because it was late September and already too cold to play in manure.

Then March 2020 and the Coronavirus happened. Which had me worried of the future. But luckily it all worked out as planned and we started shooting our first video with a female model. Shooting with Aiyana was a blast and made fun. It was a perfect first shooting and it showed me also what could be improved for the next one.

After all, it was an eventful first year a lot has happened we made good progress and we are planning on improving everything and deliver more content.

Thank you


Aiyana queen of the dung 2 release

After the successful release of our first video with Aiyana, we have a second one with her for you.

In her new video she’s wearing a colourful top, bikini and rubber boots.

Things the Queen of the Dung 2 contains.

  • Getting her clothes dirty
  • smearing cow shit all over herself
  • dipping her feet in the channel, slowly smearing the dung over her legs
  • submerging the rubber boots filling them with manure and pours it over herself
  • getting undressed
  • more smearing
  • Masturbating
  • Orgasm
  • submerging

The Video is available in Full HD and ULTRA HD

I hope you like this one too. We have at least one more shooting planned this year. I keep you updated on it. This will take some time, planned for the next shooting is August. If everything works as planned, then it will also be at a new location.

Aiyana Queen of the dung 2 teaser

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