New Video Releases and Emily’s Auction


We’ve have two new videos for you. The first one is with Emily. Some of you might know her from her photoset Emily in the Manure Channel, she was the first female model on our site and now we recently shot our first video with her. It is called City Girl Emily Manure Spa, more information down below.

With the release of Emily’s video we also offer again her clothes for auction. This includes, following clothes of her: Grey Top, Jacket, Jeans, Overknees, Pink Blazer, Underwear, White Socks, more information down below.

To round everything up, we also have a new video with Franky. Franky’s Cowdung Fuckmachine, for this video he brought his new toy with him, a brand new fuckmachine, because why not. The combination of warm steaming cow dung and prostate orgasm is just one of the things you have to whitness. Trailer and more information down below.

City Girl Emily Manure Spa

In her first video with us, Emily is wearing elegant clothes. She has a nice Jacket, a pink blazer, grey top, dark blue jeans and sexy overknees on.

The video was shot at our current winter location, because, sadly, the cow dung in the cowshed is to cold. So for this we got a new location, where we could control the temperatures of the room aswell as the temperature of the cow dung.

The full product description of Emily’s new video can be found on the product page, here’s a summary of the scenes in the video.

Scenes “City Girl Emily Manure Spa” contains:

  • Introscene, where she walkes with a bucket of cowdung towars the barn
  • Her filling up the tub with the cow dung she collected
  • She starts slowly smearing the warm cowdung between her fingers
  • She starts grabbing some dung and covers her legs and overknees with it
  • She smears more and more of the dung all over her legs and jacket too
  • She starts to undress herself, next she is covering more of her other clothes including her pink blazer
  • She undresses herself piece by piece,
  • Nice closeup shots of her feet with the overknee boots on
  • She slowly undresses the boots and starts rubbing more cowdung on her feet and socks
  • Following some nice closeup shots of her breasts and face, aswell as her ass
  • She covers her whole body with cowdung, after she is completely naked, she takes the bucket and pours the warm steaming cow dung over her head.
  • She uses the cowdung as shampoo and rubs it deep inside of her hair

We’ve recorded with a high audio quality, so you can hear every drop of manure or when Emily covers herself in Cow dung, the warm and squishy sound of the dung.

The Video is available in Full HD and ULTRA HD and is 28 minutes long.

I hope you all enjoy and like our first video with Emily.

17,99 27,99 
19,99 29,99 

City Girl Emily Manure Spa Trailer

Frankys Cow dung Fuckmachine

Franky loves cow dung and he also appreciates a good prostate orgasm. So this time Franky combines the best of both worlds.

He went to the barn where he collected the fresh and creamy and warm cow dung to have some real fun.

He starts covering himself from head to toe, climbs into the tub filled with the warm manure and covers himself more and more.

He starts undressing himself and covering his naked body with the steaming cow dung. He prepares his asshole with some smaller toys, so the big dildo from the fuckmachine can fit in.

He slowly starts inserting the dildo of the fuckmachine, after he got it in he starts the machine. The machine pounds him harder and harder till his prostate orgasm builds up. He can’t take it anymore, he has multiple prostate orgasm, at first some cum shoots out of his cock but also under the pressure he starts peeing without control. He finished the first round. He cools a bit off, then he turns around and lays on his stomach, so the machine can start pounding him from behind. He gets pounded even more while he submerges his head in the tub filled with warm cow dung. After he has one last big orgasm, he takes a dive head first into the tub, where he smears some more dung all over himself and starts to cool off.

Scenes “Frankys Cow dung Fuckmachine” contains:

  • Completely covering himself from head to toe, first clothed then naked
  • He preparing his ass for the fuckmachine, stretching it with a dildo and prostate massager
  • He inserting the dildo of the fuckmachine and starting it at a slow speed
  • Getting pounded harder and harder by the fuckmachine
  • One of many prostate orgasm, squirts a bit cum out and a lots of pee
  • Turning around so he can get fucked from behind by the machine
  • Submerging his head in the tub full of cow dung while getting railed by the machine
  • His last big orgasm, after that he takes a head dive into the tub
  • He strokes slowly a few more times untill he’s cooled off and gets out of the tub.
  • Some behind the scenes footage at the end, where we collected the cow dung from the videoshoot with Emily and Franky.

The Video is available in Full HD and ULTRA HD and is 28 minutes long.

I hope you all enjoy and like our first video with Emily.

15,99 25,99 
17,99 27,99 

Frankys Cow dung Fuckmachine teaser

Emilys Auction

Here is a list of all items of Emily on auction. We’ve also added a “Buy Now” option, if you decide to buy the auction item for the displayed price. As always, these are the clothes Emily wore during the video, they are covered in cow dung. We’ve sealed them tightly, the packaging is safe, no smell or liquid can get out.


The auctions will end on the 27th December 2020 at 21:00 CET/Berlin. Each product ends at a different time, for the specific times, please visit the product page.


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