Ladas Muck Heap released

Ladas Muck Heap Released

We have a new video and a new model for you. Lada is 21 years old and from Russia. She loves to shoot her own videos and she asked us some time ago if she could shoot for us. We are happy that she has the possibility to shoot her own videos and offer us them.

So in her first video which is 43 minutes long she went to a nearby farm and got some cow dung for herself. She collects the old cow dung from the muck heap in the back of the farm.

When she arrived at home she mixed the dry manure with water to get it creamy enough to play with. 

She goes with her bucket to her bathroom to start the dirty stinky fun. She starts slowly covering her body with cow dung and masturbates in between. She shows off her beautiful young body while covering herself more and more. She plays with the manure in her hands and in the bucket, smearing it everywhere on her body. With some nice closeups of her face, breasts, ass and asshole as she pulls her cheeks apart, pussy and feet. She is a dirty and lovely addition to our team and we can’t wait to see more of her.

We also lowered the price of the video, since it is not quite as messy as our other videos, but still a damn hot one.

We will see many more videos from Lada and so far maybe some from within a cowshed, so stay tuned.

Video Summary:

  • 43 minutes long
  • Intro, she collects some cow dung in her bucket from the muck heap from a small farm
  • her covering her whole body with cow dung inside her bathtub
  • Her masturbating while covering herself in various positions
  • her mixing the cow dung in the bucket with her hands
  • nice closeups of her face, boobs, feet, ass and asshole and vagina
  • her finishing off with a nice orgasm

Ladas Muck Heap release

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Cow Dung

Ladas Muck Heap

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Ladas Muck Heap teaser

2 thoughts on “Ladas Muck Heap released

  1. Anon says:

    I saw the teaser of the next video on your social media. What sort of things can we expect and when will it be released? The videos this year have been great!

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