Emily in the Manure Channel

Emily in the Manure Channel

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Emily is our first model to enjoy a slurry bath. The photoset of the beautiful Emily contains 579 photos. The photo series starts with Emily in clothes, wearing a white top, grey leggings and white sneakers.
She starts to smear herself with cow dung until she can’t wait any longer and finally climbs into the canal. She continues to lubricate herself and sinks further and further. After she has sunk up to her neck, she climbs out of the canal. Emily finally wants to know what it’s like to bathe naked in liquid manure. She starts to strip and undresses completely. She shows in different poses her well formed body, her breasts as well as her ass and her pussy likes to show her.
Afterwards she climbs into the creamy shit again to completely mess herself with it again.
Afterwards she climbs up again to show off her fully smeared body.
She can’t get enough, so she scoops a handful of cow dung out of the canal and lubricates it onto her chest. But this is not enough for her, so she bends over the canal to get more. Which of course gives us a very nice look at her well-formed ass. As she loves the all-embracing feeling, she climbs into the canal again. The last time she climbs out she shows us her sexy body again, she lays down on the grid to take a breather and gives us very nice insights.

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1 review for Emily in the Manure Channel

  1. riktigatan (verified owner)

    Beautiful model and excellent quality! Maybe some of the pics where just a little too bright/high exposure, particularly the first few pics but it didn’t hinder my enjoyment.

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