Trash and Dung out now – Franky’s Nasty Accident out now


We’ve got two new videos for you. The first one “Trash & Dung” is with Lyndra Lynn and Franky together in a dumpster full of garbage and cow dung. Our second video for you is “Franky’s Nasty Accident” where he get’s himself very dirty. Both videos are now available in Full HD and Ultra HD.

Trash & Dung


Cow Dung

Trash & Dung

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Trash and Dung Trailer

Product description

The trash lover Lyndra Lynn is looking for the large dumpster. As she enters the room she sees the large bin which makes her really happy. She leans in and plays around in the trash which makes her really happy and also horny. She sits on the edge and begins to masturbate. Lyndra climbs in the large dumpster and begins to masturbate more, as more and more dirty trash comes down the chute into the dumpster. She hears a honking sound which confuses her, which follows a loud rumbling and a massive amount of cow dung coming from above into the dumpster. It nearly overflows the dumpster as she is completely covered with it. A dream come true, covered in trash and cow dung she is now enjoying it completely. As she continues to masturbate. With a surprise the trashman Franky comes in with more trash. However before she gets more trash she has to suck his cock, which Lyndra does. Then Franky wants to fuck her, so she turns around and he fucks her from behind.

Lyndra now wants to be fucked in missionary so she climbs out of the dumpster and lays on her back, Franky joins and fucks her, while he pours some manure over her. Lyndra now wants to finish him off, so she first gives him a nice wet blowjob before she sits on his face and jerks him off. Both stand up, Lyndra goes back in her dumpster and Franky throws some trash on her then he closes the lid and goes away.

Franky's Nasty Accident

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Franky's Nasty Accident Trailer

Product description

Franky finished cleaning up in the barn, as he scooped out the last drops of manure out of the basin, he needed to pee. So he unzipped his pants and peed in the large barrel with the manure in it. But suddenly he had to go for number 2, he didn’t have the time to pull down his pants completely so he had a nasty accident in his pants.
Now they are completely full, as he reached in them he felt that it was a huge mess, so he decided to wash it all away with a shower. Luckily in the barn there’s a large pipe where normally the water tanks for the cows on the pasture get filled. So he stood beneath it and pulled the chain so the water could flow. He heard the rumbling but then with huge pressure cow dung shot in his face and pushed him down. He was so surprised that instead of water, cow dung came out of the pipe. He was now completely covered in all that green stinky filth.
Somehow though, it made him horny, feeling all that warm dung on his body and also his own mess in his pants, so he starts to masturbate and enjoy his time in his filth.

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