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We’ve got a new amazing video from Lyndra Lynn in the manure pit for you. “Lyndra Lynn’s Green Wedding” is 34 minutes long and now available!

Lyndra Lynn’s Green Wedding

Product description

Shortly before Lyndra Lynn’s wedding her fiancé told her that he has a surprise for her but she must wear her wedding dress. So Lyndra gets dressed and climbs down the ladder of the large manure pit. On the other end of the pit, there’s a present floating. She wades through the creamy manure to the present. Arriving at the present she begins to unwrap it.
In the present, there’s a card from her fiancé with some instructions for her to complete and also a double sided dildo. She straight away begins her first task, to smear some cow dung on her arms and on her head. Then she walks over to grab the chair and walks over to the large pipe, which feeds the manure pit with fresh cow dung from the cowshed. She then sits on the chair beneath the pipe and lets the cow dung drip on her head, which finishes her second task. Then she takes the chair so she can climb on the mattress. Before that Lyndra pees in her plastic diaper she’s wearing. On the mattress, Lyndra begins to finger her pussy as instructed. Then she undresses her by now completely destroyed wedding dress. Lyndra covers her body again with the creamy cow dung before she begins to use the toy for her next task. She fucks herself in different positions, after that she takes a swim in the large manure pit and submerges a few times, before climbing the ladder back up.

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Lyndra Lynn’s Green Wedding Trailer

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