Erotic Story: The lesbian manure excursion

the lesbian manure excursion

Like every Sunday Hanna and Madlen met to make a trip to the soccer field at the edge of the village.

However, they did not share the enthusiasm of the other visitors for sports, but rather moved their breakfast together to the barbecue trolley standing there. A few hundred meters in front of the barbecue you could smell the sausages and steaks.

With full bellies and respect for the clouds they decide to go home as soon as possible and spend the rest of the day with Hanna in the living room in front of the TV.

On the way they took a shortcut along the fence of a field to get back to Hanna’s house over the adjacent pasture.

The smell of cow dung tickled the couple in the nose. Some time ago they already had an intimate conversation about common sexual and above all unusual preferences. Hannah tried to convince Madlen to take a warm mud bath together by telling her about it. But they hadn’t thought about the realization yet.

The warm and creamy feeling on the skin is, apart from being good for the skin, also very pleasant and stimulating. Moreover, it excited Hanna to be completely covered and to wallow in the dirt.

While they walked back to the village with fast steps, Hanna grabbed her flame spontaneously by the butt with a courageous grip and kneaded it. Madlen grinned cheekily and pressed a kiss on Hannah’s mouth. The two had a special relationship. Tenderness and sex were an important part of their togetherness.

Grabbed by the desire the two disappeared in the high grass which bordered on a field. Hanna took off the summer dress of the dainty, blonde and pale Madlen up to the underwear, began to kiss her breasts and thighs firmly with her hands to embrace.

Engine noises approached. The smell of gasoline and cow dung spread in the air. Frightened by the approaching vehicle both ducked so that they could not be spotted in the high grass. Their pulse went up because they didn’t want to be caught in the act. Everyone here in the village knows everyone and the two of them didn’t like new rumours about the lesbian couple.

When the tractor moved further away again, they nestled their excited bodies against each other to form one unit. The chubby and black-haired Hanna took off her clothes down to her underwear. Her large breasts and juicy thighs were well proportioned. Madlen found the sight so hot that she pressed her face between the big and soft breasts and enjoyed the moment.

Suddenly the vehicle approached again, pulling a round pendant behind it. They noticed that the farmer, who owns the adjacent field, was spreading liquid manure on his field. With a liquid manure barrel and a nozzle that spread the manure over a wide area, the farmer pulled his path closer and closer towards Hanna and Madlen.

Kissing and intertwined, they did not notice that the two were within reach of the manure discharge. A brown rain suddenly poured over the couple. Hair, face, upper body and the rest of the body were sprinkled with cow dung. Both looked at each other in horror. The stench and weight of the liquid manure was a new and at first sight disgusting experience for them.

Frightened, they straightened up and checked whether they had been discovered and whether the tractor wanted to turn around again. They realized that it was moving away again and was working the field next door. Their hearts were beating up to their necks.

They lay down again in the flattened area and looked deep into each other’s eyes. The dirt on their skin and underwear slowly slid towards the ground, spreading a sweet stench they had to get used to.

Hanna spread the mud of cow excrement on Madlen’s small breasts, which had goosebumps from the softened bra. She felt the sight more exciting than she thought and continued with a second hand full, which she lifted off the ground next to her.

Madlen felt that her panties were getting wetter and wetter and had nothing on her mind but to continue the love play with Hanna.

She pressed her manure covered breasts against Hanna’s. They looked deep into each other’s eyes and kissed. A little liquid manure, which stuck on Hanna’s nose and cheek rubbed itself when kissing also on Madlens face.

Hannas hand slid along Madlens body always further down and came in her crotch to stand. She grabbed tightly and Madlen released a quiet moan. She began to massage her pussy through the pants with her dirty fingers in circular movements and kissed her mouth and neck.

Madlen gave herself to Hanna’s actions completely and forgot everything around her. Even the mess with the cow dung, which surprised both quite excited.

Then Hanna took off her underwear and started to undress Madlen completely. She took the cow dung from her skin and rubbed it onto Madlen’s thighs up to her bottom. Madlen’s body was gradually covered by the manure. Hanna liked this sight very much and she felt the lust rushing through her body.

Kissing and tightly wrapped both rolled around in the dirt within their flattened place on the pasture. Little by little both were covered with liquid manure from top to bottom and let their lust run free. Hanna turned her playmate with a dominant grip on her stomach, spread her legs and began to caress her between the buttocks with her tongue. She didn’t seem to care that there was some cow dung in the way.

Shortly before Madlen seemed to reach her climax she stopped licking her. Her face was smeared by the stinking mass. In her mouth mixed the taste of Madlen’s pussy and the manure. Madlen sat down, pulled her legs to her chest and pointed her wet and pulsating labia with one hand.

Hanna enjoyed the sight and did it the same. She positioned herself identically exactly opposite Madlen and bent forward to kiss her passionately. She whispered in her ear if she did not feel like completing the mess and at the same time relieve the pressure in the bladder.

Madlen seemed slightly confused but still overwhelmed by her lust. She started to shoot a jet of urine directly at Hannas spread pussy.

Hanna rubbed her clitoris and enjoyed the warm surge of piss that washed her the cow dung from the skin. Suddenly she trembled at the whole body and experienced an orgasm which she could not imagine so far. She moaned without restraint and breathed heavily as it slowly faded away again.

Madlen excited Hanna’s orgasm extremely and so rubbed herself even to the climax. Hanna kissed and licked her breasts, which were full of cow dung.

Satisfied grinning Hanna laid down on Madlens breast to let the act fade away. For both it was the first time in the dirt to fuck and apparently it should not have been the last time.

It began to rain. Both dressed immediately and continued the way to Hanna’s house, where they let dangle after a common shower the rest of the day with your thoughts about the new dirty experience the soul on the couch.

The End

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