Erotic Story: Saras filthy initiation

Saras filthy initiation

Saras filthy initiation

Sara was a buxom 27 year old with flowing locks of jet black hair.

She exuded sex appeal and didn’t mind flaunting it with her sassy and vivacious attitude.


Her eyes shone with an electric green, which, combined with her devilish smile, was enough to mind-fuck anyone who gazed upon her for long.


She was known to shock her more prudish friends with her outrageous and even downright scatological sense of humor. 


Yet despite how wild she liked to present herself, Sara was actually something of a neat freak, bordering on the neurotic. She showered twice daily and spent a small fortune on various scented soaps and conditioners, with which she lavished on her silky black hair and curvaceous womanly body. 


Sara had previously worked for a legal firm, and although the position had paid well, it had also proven to be rather stressful. While at the firm, she had only grown more and more dissatisfied until finally she’d decided that something had had to change, the more drastic the better.  


That’s when the idea of working on a farm had come to her. She remembered that a close friend of hers, (who happened to be the owner of a dairy farm), had said something about needing a spare hand, only a couple of months earlier (Although to do what, he hadn’t really said). 

After making a quick phone call, Sara couldn’t believe her luck when he asked her to come round the very next day for a “trial”, to see if she was up to it. 


This was perfect. It was exactly what she needed and the prospect excited her immensely. 



The next day Sara got up bright and early, and after stopping for a coffee at a local coffee shop, she drove up to the farm to meet with John, the farms owner.


John was a slender man, with short dark hair and a days worth of stubble.

Today he was wearing tight blue jeans and a singlet. He also sported heavy rubber boots.

He and Sara had been friends for a long time, but they had never fucked (Despite the fact that Sara would have liked to) this was because she knew that he had a girlfriend, whom she had only met once before. 


As Sara got out of her Holden Torana, John greeted her with a kiss.

His lips tasted slightly salty to Sara. She wondered why.

“Hi Sara, it’s great that you could make it. How was the drive up?”

He asked pleasantly.


“The drive was alright, only it was hard to find a good coffee place around here. 

By the way, I love how scenic your farm is.”

Said Sara, in a cheery tone.

“Why thank you!”

Said John.

“It certainly is scenic, and just wait until you see the inside of the cowsheds”

He joked. 

 “So are you really serious about doing this sort of work?”


Replied Sara enthusiastically.

“Just show me what I have to do and I’ll get right to it.”


“Well that’s fine with me. Do you have any experience at working with animals?”

“No” replied Sara honestly.

“Unless you count my cat”

She added.


“Well you’ll learn fast. Follow me.”

John walked Sara though the property and towards one of several large barns, then he paused for a moment.

 “You know, most of the work on the farm can get pretty dirty, and you’re not really dressed for it. Are you sure you can 

Handle it?”

Sara didn’t quite follow. Of course she suspected that farm work must get a bit dirty, yet little did she suspect just what was in stall for her.

“I think I can handle it, Mr farmer.” 

She said with sarcasm. 

“Let me guess, I’ll have to get down on my hands and knees and wade though all sorts of farm muck. Right?” 

She thought that would knock the wind out of his sails but it was actually John’s reply that left her feeling a tad uneasy. 

“Well yes. Something like that..”

He gave her a wry grin. 


John led Sara inside the barn.

As soon as she was inside, Sara was struck by the smell.

Being a city girl, she wasn’t very familiar with this peculiar perfume, but nonetheless she knew exactly what it was; it was the scent of fresh cow manure.

Sara’s heart started beating faster as she wondered just what she’d gotten herself into.


Then John led Sara towards the main barn-stall;

And what a barn-stall it was. Sara got butterflies in her stomach just looking at it. 

The ground was about ankle deep in cow dung;

Disgusting, wet, runny, yellowish brown goo.

Flies buzzed around, and the smell was horrendous.

Now Sara understood what John had meant about “Not being dressed properly”.


She looked down at her clean white sneakers, blue shorts and peach colored blouse

and realized just how woefully inadequate her clothing was. 



Began john.

“When I said I needed a spare hand on the farm, basically what I need is someone to scrape out the cow pens. You see, until we get an industrial scraper someone has to clean them out by hand.”

Sara felt her stomach drop. 

She hadn’t really known what to expect from farm work, but certainly not this!


“So do you still want the job?”

Asked John, eyeing Sara intently.


Stammered Sara, surprising herself with how readily the answer came to her. Even though the thought of getting into that filthy cow stall grossed her out immensely, a part of her desperately wanted to do it anyway, although she had no idea why. 


Then John grabbed a shovel and began demonstrating how she was supposed to clean the stalls. Casually he scraped up some manure and tossed it over into the nearby trench. It made a wet splat as it hit the bulk of the slurry.

“..And when you’re finished you need to hose the stall down with this.”

He gesticulated to a hose mounted on a nearby wall.


“Now will you be alright if I leave you to it? I have some work to do elsewhere on the farm.”

Asked John. 

“I suppose so.” 

Replied Sara, somewhat meekly for her.

 “Great! If you need anything just give me a yell. I’ll see you around 12 for a lunch break.”

With that, John gave her a final wave from the barn door and then left, leaving Sara to her task.



Sara looked at the cow pen, and shuddered with disgust. 

She still couldn’t believe what she had just agreed to do.

The thought of going into that horrible place made her feel sick, and yet somehow it also enticed her.

She considered going back to her car and driving off, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. 

She was going to prove that she wasn’t afraid of getting a little dirty. 


Mustering all her courage and taking the shovel that John had so thoughtfully provided, Sara took her first steps into the stinking cow pen.

At once her sneakers sunk deep into the sludge right up to around her ankles, and she started to feel the disgusting sensation of the manure as it crept into her shoes and seeped through her cat patterned socks.


“Yuck” she said out-loud.

“This is so gross.”


Sara took a few steps forward, and had to pause.

The stench was utterly overpowering. She looked around and realized that she was now surrounded by cow filth from all sides. Thankfully the cows had been moved to another barn.


Taking a deep breath (And partly gagging on the smell), Sara grasped her shovel and scooped up a large shovelful of manure, all the while being careful not to lose her balance in the process.

She was surprised at how heavy it was and also noticed that if she wasn’t careful it would slide off the end and fall back onto the floor.

Carefully, she maneuvered her shovelful of dung towards the manure pit and attempted to toss it in. 

She flung the shovel over her shoulder, trying as best she could to imitate the way John had done. 

Unfortunately she hadn’t put enough force into her swing; consequently the shovel Jack-knifed in mid-air along with its contents. Before she could tell what had happened Sara felt the entire contents of the shovel splatter all over her. She felt as the disgusting brown ooze slid over her face and then dribbled right down the front of her previously peach colored top. 


“Oh yuuuuuck!”

She moaned in disgust, grimacing and wiping the cow dung off her as best she could. She opened the bottom of her top so the contents could fall to the ground but the damage had already been done; her top was completely ruined.

This was turning out to be way more disgusting than she’d ever bargained for, and things were only going get worse from here on.


After about an hour or so, Sara started to finally get into the swing of it.

She was scraping up shovel after shovel of manure and flinging them with relative ease, however by now her shoes were so thoroughly clogged that is was becoming quite a challenge for her to maintain her balance. Several times she almost slipped over in the filth, but thankfully she managing to keep her poise.


Despite the grossness of her situation, a part of Sara was really starting to enjoy it. She was beginning to relish all the vulgar squelching sounds that her feet made as she slogged through the cow pen, and even the smell was starting to grow on her.

She was also becoming acutely aware of another sensation that was building inside of her, a sensation that she knew only too well.


Just then Sara slipped. It was bound to happen sooner or later, but did it really have to happen in one of the foulest, most filth encrusted parts of the cow shed?



Sara felt her pretty face plummet into the mass of cow slop that lay before her. It seemed to pull her down into it. She could feel it oozing into all her cracks and crevices and for a few moments she felt like she’d been sucked into a world of pure filth. It felt strangely comforting.

Needing air however, she started to pull herself up from the muck. Strands of the thick brownish goo dripped off her as she slowly got to her feet.

She swallowed a breath of air, and felt her lungs fill with the stink of the manure.

“Oh dung! This is so damn gross!!”

She exclaimed, as she began to realize that she was now almost completely covered in cow dung.


Then a smile crossed her face.



For some reason, being covered in all that disgusting mess really turned her on.


Now a mad yearning took hold in her mind. Sara suddenly wanted to get even filthier than she already was. She wanted to see just how far she could go. 


Without thinking she started lowering her hands to the barn floor, the filth seemed to be calling to her. 

Grasping a handful of cow dung, Sara squeezed so it oozed out between her fingers. 

It felt perversely satisfying, and she beamed with delight. Now she was really going to have some fun.


Sara began massaging the filth over her clothes, starting with her legs and working her way up to her hips and her plum, peachy behind.

She paused for a moment and wondered what John would think if he came in and saw what she was up to.

“Ah well, who cares.” She thought.

She could always say that she slipped, and there was still time to stop, well maybe.

But Sara had no plans for stopping. Her enfilthment had just begun and there was no turning back now.


She lay herself down on the reeking, manure coated floor, and felt herself becoming enraptured by the stench of the dung. She then began rolling around in it. She writhed around in the manure, moaning and grunting like a filthy farm animal.

It seemed that the dirtier she got, the hornier it made her. Her pussy was swollen and throbbing from all the sensations she was experiencing and before long, she felt the urge to remove some clothiture. 

She started by removing her top. It was already soggy with cow poop, and so she tossed it aside not caring where it went. 


Then she snapped off her bra. 

Her peachy breasts fell right out. Now toplesss, and breathing heavily,

Sara started massaging her tits with handful after handful of fresh cow poo.

She lay down face first in a nearby cow pat, breaking it apart with her face, then she rolled over and began smearing the filth all over herself.


She massaged it over her breasts, and onto her belly. She was becoming intoxicated with the stench of the dung and the sheer vulgarity of what she was accomplishing. A wild feeling of liberation began surging through her body, filling her with sexual energy.


Sara let out a low moan. Her pussy was soaking wet and she was practically cumming.


Just then she heard footsteps coming towards the barn.

It was john, but behind John was another set of footsteps, it was John’s girlfriend Audrey!

Sara was mortified.


“Whoa!, I know you said you could handle getting a little dirty but this is ridiculous.”

Said John, as he eyed the state that Sara was in.

Audrey was grinning.


“Looks like this city bitch couldn’t help herself. Like the smell of cow dung hun?”

Said Audrey teasingly, as the two interlopers made their way towards Sara.


Sara saw that Audrey was better dressed for farm work. She had on navy blue overalls and a checkered top, knotted directly over her breasts. She also had on large gumboots similar to what John was wearing. Audrey was a bit skinnier than Sara, and she had blonde rather than black hair.


Despite it being glaringly obvious that she had been caught, getting off in the manure, Sara still tried to make light of her situation as best she could.


“Hey guys. As you can see I got a bit messy, I just sorta slipped and fell. Then my top came off.”

“Sure sure”

Said Audrey unbelievingly

“Hey it’s true! Can someone give me hand?” 

She asked hopefully.


“Where exactly do you need a hand?”

Inquired john, as he and Audrey squished their way towards Sara. 


“I think she needs a hand right here!”

Barked Audrey, as she dragged one of her boots through the muck and brought it right between Sara’s legs along with a mass of fresh manure.

Sara couldn’t believe it. 

Half nude and dung covered as she was, she wasn’t going to let herself be treated like that!

In an instant, Sara grabbed hold of Audrey’s boot and yanked it hard. Audrey had no time to react and immediately lost her balance, falling with a splat right alongside Sara.

John laughed.

“I see that you’ve decided to help Sara out”

“Like hell I have” spat Audrey. 

Then Audrey turned on Sara.

“You call this clean?”

Audrey grabbed Sara by the hair and pushed her face towards the floor.

“You’ve done a very bad job of cleaning the cow pens. I think I should teach you a lesson.”

With that, Audrey scooped up a handful of manure and rubbed it into Sara’s still, kind of clean, hair.

Sara lunged at her and managed to push Audrey down into the slop.

A wrestlefest ensued. Sara was still massively horny, and she was enjoying the thought that she might also be turning on John. She was fairly sure she could see a large bulge in his pants and the thought spurred her on as she desperately tried to pin Audrey. Finally, after much slipping and sliding in the filth, Sara managed to subdue Audrey. Victoriously, she rubbed her dung coated tits right in Audrey’s face.


Audrey spat and cursed, but soon gave in; she knew she was pinned good. 

Sara knelt down and in a low voice said,

“So what was that about teaching me a les…”

But before she could finish Audrey had locked lips with her, and stuck her tongue far inside Sara’s mouth.

This took Sara by surprise, but perhaps what surprised her even more was just how much she found herself enjoying it. 

Before long, the two of them had started passionately making out, and were now caressing and fondling each other on the barn floor.


Audrey started to dry hump and scissor Sara. 

“Yeah, Yeah Ohhhhh yeah!! You like this hun!”

“Oh yes!!” 

Shouted Sara.

Audrey then grabbed hold of John’s belt and quickly undid his fly, all the while continuing to scissor Sara. Soon she managed to uncover John’s massive, rock-hard cock, which she proceeded to start sucking furiously and with much relish. The two women began taking turns at sucking John’s dick. Now John thought he was about to cum, but before he did the two women, seeming to sense this, managed to pull him to the floor, so he could join them in their fecal fantasy.


Before long all three of them were totally nude.

They took turns fucking and sucking each other while liberally smearing manure over their naked bodies.

“Oh god I want to be destroyed!! Destroy me in the filth!!!”

Shouted Sara.

John and Audrey were only too glad to oblige, and they started picking up handfuls of cow dung which they massaged all over Sara’s naked body, paying particular attention to her breasts, ass and pussy. They kneaded the filth all over her until she was totally smothered and covered in cow dung.


“I want to see you fuck that filthy slut!”

Demanded Audrey,

“Yes Please fuck me” cried Sara, practically insane, now that her enfilthment was well at hand.

By this point, John also wanted nothing more than to fuck Sara into next year, and he needed no more encouragement to do so. He slid his erect cock into Sara’s soaking pussy and forced it deep inside her. Her pussy was very well lubricated as it was completely saturated with a mixture of manure and pussy juice. As John began pumping away, Audrey edged herself over and began to straddle Sara’s face. Sara and John proceeded to eat out Audrey’s dirty (and hairy) pussy, while they continued to fuck each other crazily. 


The three of them fucked and sucked faster and faster. They were all positively outside themselves.


Then Audrey Started to cum. The feeling had been building inside of her for a long time, and by now she was ready to explode.

“Oh fuck I think I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!!” she screamed as 

she thrust her muff directly into Saras gaping mouth for one final time.

A torrent of pussy juice mixed with manure gushed into Sara’s face as Audrey came hard.

At the same time John started to cum, and Sara felt his hot semen steam into her, filling her innermost recesses with its creamy stench. This was all too much for Sara and now she too began to cum. 


Sara felt her body rocked by convulsions, and then suddenly she erupted into the most powerful, mind blowing orgasm that she had ever felt.  Shockwaves of pure ecstasy surged through her, as the orgasm utterly overpowered all her senses and carried her into a feeling of total bliss and perfect harmony.


Her initiation was finally complete.


The three of them remained lovers from that day forward, and together they succeeded in making the farm a very profitable enterprise, producing organic feta cheese that became highly prized, the world over.


Together they enjoyed many more filthy and depraved adventures for many years to cum.


The End. 

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  1. Baz says:

    Keep up the great work with these stories – Manure focused erotica seems to be super rare to find, and these are an absoloute treat.

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