Swamp and Manure – Two New Videos


We have two new videos for you, “Swamp and Manure Fuck” with Lyndra Lynn and Franky, which is 40 minutes long and “Swamp Mud and Manure” with Lyndra Lynn which is 35 minutes long.

Lyndra Lynn Swamp Mud and Manure

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Swamp Mud and Manure Trailer

Video Description

I found a new really muddy and swampy pond which I couldn’t wait to try out, I brought some creamy cow dung with me, because why not. I start to smear some of the creamy mud on my legs and my chest, before I crawl further and deeper in the pond. I undress myself while I smear more and more mud and cow dung on my body. Then I begin to finger both of my holes to make them ready for my dildo. I fuck my mud covered pussy hard with the dildo while lying on my back. Then I stick the dildo in the mud and ride it. I lay back on my back again to fuck myself to an amazing orgasm.

Lyndra Lynn Swamp and manure fuck

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Lyndra Lynn Swamp and manure fuck Trailer

Video Description

I want to have some dirty sex so I’m bringing my friend to my new mud location. It’s a swampy pond. With us we bring some cow manure to spice things up a little bit. We begin to cover ourselves with the creamy stinky mud and then I ride him first in cowgirl then in reverse cowgirl. Then he fucks me hard in doggystyle while he covers my back in mud. In between we smear some manure on each other. I’m so fucking horny as I sit on his face and take his breath away, while he licks my dirty asshole with his tongue. Then he fucks me in missionary where he pushes me deep in to the mud. Then I also want to fuck him, so I lube up his asshole and finger him first before I fuck him with the dildo. For the final I sit again on his face and jerk him off till he shoots his massive load.

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