Rada Brewer on the farm out now!


Our new and amazing model Rada Brewer shot with us her wild and messy first video on the farm with lots of manure. “Rada Brewer on the farm” is 40 minutes long filled with lots of amazing scenes from her.
It was a pleasure working with her and we already agreed to shoot a lot more with her, even a gangbang will be possible. More in that in the coming weeks.

We also have an auction where you can bid on her clothes and toys she used during her video. For more information click the button below.

Summary of Rada brewer on the farm

Rada Brewer is wearing her work outfit, some sex tight leggings, a white crop top, some sexy underwear and yellow wellies, as she finishes up work on the farm she feels the urge to relief herself:

  • She makes a mess in her panty and leggings
  • Climbs in to the trough with the collected manure from the cowshed
  • Rada starts masturbating while she covers herself with cow dung
  • Takes a full body bath in the trough
  • Begins to masturbate first with her fingers then with the toys
  • Smears a lot of cow dung on her whole body throughout the video
  • Masturbates in many different positions with multiple orgasms

Rada Brewer on the farm

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Rada Brewer on the Farm trailer

Product description

Rada Brewer helps out on the farm, she’s nearly done with her work for today. She checks the dunghill and the collected manure behind the cowshed, but suddenly she feels a strong pressure in her ass, she needs to go fast. But on the farm there’s nowhere to go, at least not in time. It’s already too late, she makes a huge mess in her leggings.
She gets turned on by it, but somehow she must hide it, the collected manure from the cowshed comes to her mind, because it happens from time to time that one gets dirty.
She climbs in the trough with the collected creamy cow dung and begins to masturbate and covers her clothes with it. Rada brings out her big boobs and starts to cover them too with the creamy manure.
She covers herself more and more with dung, then she sits down in the trough and covers her complete Body. Rada rubs her cow dung covered pussy. She’s really turned on by the warm stinking mess, in a bucket nearby Rada finds some toys, which she happily uses. She fucks herself in different positions both her tight pussy and asshole, which brings her multiple orgasm throughout.

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