Brooke Maddison Dung Erotica Auction

Brooke Maddison dung erotica auction

As always, the first auction of Brooke Maddisons clothes and toys from her first video “Brooke Maddison Dung erotica”

Here’s a list of what items are on auction and what time they end. They will all end on the 24th September starting at 20:00 (MEST)

Brooke’s Dildo 20:00
Brooke’s Chap Overknee Boots 20:10
Brooke’s Leather Panty 20:20
Brooke’s Corset 20:30
check the auction out

2 thoughts on “Brooke Maddison Dung Erotica Auction

  1. Manurelover says:

    I love this video of the new cow dung star Maddison, extremely perverted and thats how i love them, the more extreme the better.

  2. gojeal says:

    a goddess, a wonderful, extreme and intense film…. Brooke Maddison is superb and the more she covers herself in cow shit, the more erotic and horny she is…. want to fuck her in thick cow shit…

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