Rada Brewer and Lyndra Lynn Cowgirls filthy adventure out now!


What could be better then Rada Brewer and Lyndra Lynn together in their first lesbian video!. “Rada Brewer & Lyndra Lynn Cowgirls filthy adventure” is 43 minutes long and packed with lots of erotic messy interaction! Now out of Early Access and available for everyone.

Summary of Rada Brewer and Lyndra Lynn Cowgirls filthy adventure

Rada Brewer and Lyndra Lynn are both dressed in their nice cowgirl outfits, with elegant boots, sexy tops and underwear, Rada with her jeans hotpants and Lyndra with her dungarees. Lyndra has a suprise for Rada, because she knows that she likes to get dirty on the farm:

  • Both walk to the large dunghill while Lyndra carrying her enema kit
  • Rada gets a milk enema from Lyndra
  • She can’t hold it anymore so she squirts everything out on to Lyndra
  • Lyndra has another suprise, a large strapon hidden beneath her clothes
  • Rada begins to suck Lyndras strapon
  • They both fuck in different places and positions
  • First doggystyle on the trough then in cowgirl on the dunghill
  • Then Lyndra takes the strapon off and both use the double sided dildo
  • Lyndra fucks Radas pussy first with her fingers then with a dildo
  • Both go over to the dunghill were Rada licks Lyndras pussy and boobs

Rada Brewer and Lyndra Lynn cowgirls filthy adventure

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Rada Brewer and Lyndra Lynn cowgirls filthy adventure trailer

Product description

Cowgirls Rada Brewer and Lyndra Lynn are done with their work today on the farm. Lyndra knows that her new friend Rada likes to get dirty on the farm. So Lyndra prepared something she will remember for a long time.
Lyndra brought her enema kit and a bucket with some fresh cow milk, she stuck the end of the hose in Rada’s tight asshole and opened the valve so the milk started filling her ass. Rada takes all of the two liters of milk Lyndra brought with her, she feels really full and nearly can’t hold it anymore. As Lyndra Lynn pulls out the hose, she can’t hold it anymore and a bit of milk squirts out of her asshole onto Lyndra’s dungarees. Lyndra kneels down behind her as Rada squirts out a lot of milk on Lyndra while she fingers her pussy.
Lyndra now pours a bucket full of fresh cow dung over Rada, which turns her on a lot. But Lyndra has another surprise, a large strapon under her dungarees. Rada straight away begins to suck the large strapon and enjoys it. Then Rada climbs in the trough and Lyndra begins to fuck her from behind. After a hard fuck, Lyndra sits down next to the creamy and large dunghill and Rada sits down on her, she rides the dildo like a good cowgirl should do. Rada and Lyndra are now switching to the large container filled with more manure and Rada begins to suck the dildo while nearly submerged in it.
Then both cow back to the trough, where they use a double sided dildo in some ass to ass action, which both of the girls enjoy. They switch between different positions scissoring, Lyndra fucking Rada with her fingers and a dildo. Rada licking Lyndras dung covered pussy. They both have a lot of hot and filthy sex together.

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