Diving In The Manure Pit now in Early Access


Swimming in the Manure Pit? That sounds so much like Lyndra Lynn. In her new 45 minutes long video “Diving in the Manure Pit”, Lyndra Lynn swims, submerges and masturbates throughout the video.

Diving in the manure pt

Product description

Lyndra Lynn is back at her favorite pool, the large manure pit right next to the cowshed. Today she’s wearing her swimsuit because she wants to swim a few laps and dive a little bit.
She climbs down the ladder and as Lyndra reaches the bottom where the creamy cow dung is, she starts to smear a bit on herself. Then she climbs completely down, Lyndra is now to her hips in the creamy cow dung.
She takes a small leap forwards and begins to swim, after a few meters she stops, because she got already horny, so she begins to rub her pussy through the swimsuit. Then she continues to swim her lap. After another few meters she begins to masturbate again, then she sees the floating mattress on the other side, where she swims over to it. She climbs on the mattress and begins to finger her pussy in different positions. Then she hears a sound from the pipe connecting the cowshed and the manure pit, she quickly goes over there, just in the right moment as the fresh cow dung from the cowshed comes out of the pipe. She’s sitting under the pipe as the massive amount of manure gives her a nice shower. Now she begins to swim again and jumps from the mattress and in between Lyndra is also diving through the thicc manure while she always stops to masturbate in between.

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Diving in the manure pit trailer

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  1. riterguy says:

    You have a truly wonderful site here. The creators should be congratulated for starting it and the girls are so Fucking Sexy covered with the manure.

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