Mary Craft Erotic Fun in Dung VOD

Mary Craft Erotic Fun in Dung on Manureporn

Now exclusively on ManurePorn: The new solo video with Mary Craft. You can stream the video now before the full release in April. “Mary Craft – Erotic Fun In Dung” will be released in April on ManureFetish, with purchase option and also as stream on Her video is 29 Minutes long.

In her first solo video with us, Mary Craft doesn’t hold back. She dips her head in the bucket full of cow dung and massages the brown stinky shampoo with pleasure in her hair.

She is of course a complete filthy pig and so she has no problem licking the cow dung out of her hand and chewing on it with pleasure.

Mary lubricates her entire body with cow dung and then begins to plug her holes. First with a nice anal plug and later she fucks her beautiful pussy with the dildo. Until she finally comes to an amazing orgasm.

Mary Craft Erotic Fun in dung Trailer

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