Lesbian Cow Dung Martyrdom Released

lesbian cow dung martyrdom released

Our new cow dung video with BDSM and three girls is out now! 69 Minutes long.

You can find the full product description, as always, on the product page.

Video Summary:

  • 69 minutes long
  • Lots of smearing, on clothes and the naked bodies of the girls
  • Mary Craft is tied up and covered in cow dung
  • Di and Milena use Mary Craft as her toy
  • Many different positions
  • Di and Milena sitting on Mary Crafts face
  • Both cover Mary Craft and themselfs in cow dung

lesbian cow dung martyrdom

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lesbian cow dung martyrdom trailer

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2 thoughts on “Lesbian Cow Dung Martyrdom Released

  1. mad23 says:

    What a pity that the photos of Di and Mary Craft with their hair covered in cow dung that we see in the March 4 teaser are not in the movie, when will we see these images in a movie?

    • Avatar photo
      ManureFetish says:

      These pictures are from the next upcoming videos. Mary Craft video will be released next week on ManurePorn and after that also here on ManureFetish. The next video with Di will be released in April

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