Manure Valhalla




Laura was one sassy and vivacious young woman, with a classic figure that was good to boot.

She was round in all the right places and gifted with a personality that flowed naturally, exuding a warmth and vitality that was both rare and irresistible.

Her long black hair fell to her shoulders, encircling the soft contours of her face and bringing out her striking green eyes.

She moved with a definite sense of style and carried herself with class.

She was also built; with massive milky titties, that hung more like udders than like breasts.

Without a doubt, she was a babe-a-licious fly-honey, that dripped with sex appeal.

Her lover John, had a mullet hair cut and was rather tall and slim. He drove a Holden Torana and was quite cool in his own way, in-fact his style complemented hers rather nicely. Together they had excellent chemistry.

Laura and John, were into having messy sex and today they had decided to get their filthy freak on. They’d been talking about going on a mucky adventure for some time, ever since they’d discovered that they shared the same kink.

Today was a beautiful sunny day, and the two of them were out exploring the countryside.

They were looking for the right spot; one with plenty of mud and cow manure.

The sweet smell of the country filled the air, carried along by a calm and soothing breeze.

“I wonder what’s over there?”

Said John, as a devilish smile crossed his face.

They had just reached a narrow farm lane, flanked on both sides by grassy green meadows.

It looked promising.

They knew that the pastures around here were often used for grazing cattle, and there was a large dairy farm nearby. The prospects of finding a field that had recently been occupied, and making sweet love there, had them very excited.

They made their way down the winding farm path, until they reached a dense hedgerow, where sparrows darted amongst thickets of brambles and wild roses. Their hearts began to beat faster as they hurried to see whether behind it they might find a suitable place for their depraved longings. 

However, to their dismay, they saw that the field behind the hedgerow held no filth; it was just another clean, empty meadow, save for a crumbling farm house and a pool of stagnant water.

“Darn it!” Cursed John, out-loud.

The day was beginning to draw-on, and they were starting to wonder if the place, which they so desperately sought, would ever avail itself to them.

“Maybe we should just make love in the field with the pool.” Thought John.

It would be a realistic compromise.

They both loved having sex and certainly it would be quite enjoyable to make love there, especially on such a warm and sunny day.

“Hmm, what should we do?”

Asked Laura.

“Lets keep looking, just for a bit longer.”

Replied John.

And so they continued their search.

Would their fantasies of mucky love ever become a reality?

Would they ever find the perfect place to get their filthy freak on?

Would they enter their “manure Valhalla”, their kingdom of filth?

Then they saw it.

Across from where they stood was another field, one which had escaped their attention up until now.

This field had been grazed heavily, so much so, that not a skerrick of grass remained. 

Where grass had once stood, there loomed an innumerable mass of dark puddles, 

which glistened and shone in the mid-day sun, like mirrors into another world; a world of pure faecal ecstasy.

These puddles were of course, what the former occupants of the field had left behind; fresh, gooey, sticky, wet cowpats, which layered the ground all over. 

The whole place was really just one immense, seemingly endless morass of manure and muck. It was so profoundly disgusting that their hearts skipped a beat at the sight of it, and at the thought of what they might get up to in there, should they dare to enter it.

A ripe, malodorous stench wafted over and enveloped them.

The smell seemed to surround them, reaching into the very depths of their minds, tempting them to do the unthinkable, enticing them to step towards their mucky destiny. 

Nearing the field, they became aware of a deep primordial urge that was building inside of them. They could feel their neither tingle in anticipation of what was to follow. 

They began to take a few steps towards the stinking quagmire.

As they got closer, the odour intensified. It assailed their senses, causing their eyes to water. 

But their watering eyes were really tears of joy, for at long last, they had found the place where their filthiest fantasies would finally come true and they knew that today, they would be having one of the messiest, nastiest and wildest times of their entire lives. 






 Placing his arms around Laura’s buxom waist, John pulled her towards him. 

“I’m going to make you so dirty, that you won’t be able to wash off the smell for months!!”

He announced triumphantly. 

“Mmm, I like the sound of that.”

Replied Laura in a husky tone.

 “You’ll be so dirty it’ll feel like you’ve been dipped in the worlds biggest sewage farm and sharted on by a cow the size of Mount Everest. You’ll be the queen of all filth, my sewer slut wife for ever. Come here my mucky darling!”

Having said those loving words, they embraced and passionately kissed one-another, feeling an electrical sensation surge through their intertwining bodies.

The thought of what they were about to do, in all that stinking cow-dung had them on the very edge of their self control. 

Feeling the tension escalating, John reached under Laura’s skirt and started rubbing her sweet pussy through her sheer cotton panties. 

He stared into her glimmering green eyes. Her eyes were beautiful, like glistening puddles of slime.

“I love you so much, my goddess of muck.” 

He said affectionately.

She exhaled deeply, accepting his compliment, feeling how earnestly he meant his words.

“I love you too, sweet thing.”

 And with that, they continued kissing and fondling one another.

Now they looked over and saw a place where the fence had fallen, allowing easy access to that field of so much wonderful filth. It seemed to be inviting them inside.

They walked over to the opening and stepped into the paddock.

Upon stepping inside, Laura inadvertently put her shoe right into a huge cow-pat that lay there waiting.

It squelched underfoot and she almost lost her balance. 


John helped steady her, but it was then he who slipped and they both tumbled with a mucky splat onto the dung covered ground.


They were both on the ground now, and the fall had splattered them with a fresh spray of bovine sludge.

“Ewww, yucky”

Said Laura, in an exaggerated manner.  

Her tone of mock-disgust, turned on John even more, because he knew how much she really loved it.

Her ass had fallen into a ripe cow-pie, mucking up her dress and plastering her plump ass with sticky brown goo.  She attempted to wipe the dung from her clothes but only managed to smear it even more over her hands and skirt. 


She said.

John hadn’t faired much better. His shirt top looked like a Jackson Pollock painting, painted in hues of brownish green.

Laying there, still prone in the muck, they paused for a moment and looked into each others eyes. 

Words were not needed, for within that look, a longing of the deepest and most profound urgency was conveyed. 

An instant later they were feverishly making out, while wildly and carelessly rolling about on the filthy ground.

John soon got on top of Laura and started grinding his cock into her crotch.

She could feel his cock straining hard, even through his tight jeans.

He then spread her legs, pulled back her skirt and started massaging her cushiony love mound, caressing it with gentle strokes of tender adoration.

Laura let out a faint wail. 

She could feel how much he wanted her.

He radiated warmth, affection and love!

John felt Laura’s panties getting wetter, as he stroked at her tender pussy cleft, occasionally fondling one of her tits, and exchanging quick kisses.

Soon he could feel that her panties were thoroughly soaked through, so he pulled them off, exposing her dripping wet pussy with its tangled crown of thick black hair. 

Now he started fingering her exposed pussy, as they continued to fondle and make out.

They were surrounded by deep, thick cow dung on all sides.

“Do you like that?”

Asked John.

“ooh hell yes!!”

Squealed Laura, breathlessly. 

“I’ve got something else you’ll like..”

Laura felt her excitement build at the thought of what he might do next. 

John proceeded to reach over and scoop up a handful of fresh cow-dung. With it, he began slathering it all over Laura’s wide open cunny.

“mmmm. That feels soooo good.” hummed Laura, as she felt the slop being slowly, and rhythmically massaged over her open pussy, submerging it beneath a stinking ocean of thick brown ooze.  

Taking another handful of muck, John started fingering Laura’s pussy through the dung, pushing the filth right inside of her and spreading it across her cunt-lips and inner thighs. Grabbing still more excrement, John cupped his hands over her cunt and forced it inside, watching the excess mess, ooze from between his hands and trickle down her ass crack, forming a puddle of slop beneath her. He then put his mouth to her filth covered snatch, and started to suck.

Laura felt as Johns tongue entered her, licking out her sweet crevice, massaging the sides of her love canal and cleaning her out like a muck scraper cleaning a manure filled barn. 

The feeling was ELECTRIFYING and utterly orgasmic!

John could taste Laura’s cunt juice as it mixed together with the acrid flavour of the cow-dung.

The pungent stench of manure filled his nostrils as he hungrily ate her out, completely engrossed in his task and feeling total bliss at such depravity. Bits of cowdung smeared his mouth and face as he sucked, licked and munched on Laura’s nether-bits.

Laura moaned loudly as she felt John consume her blossoming love-flower, which had now well and truly been fertilised. All that was left was to fertilize HER!






John continued to tongue fuck Laura.

Suddenly he grabbed another cow pie, and smooshed it directly into her wide open vage.

“Oh No! I have to Piss!”

Admitted Laura.

“Piss freely honey”

Said John, As he buried his face back into her muck filled snatch.

It was hard for her to piss, with so many sensations swimming inside of her at the same time, but the necessity finally overcame her.


Moaning loudly, Laura began to piss heavily. As she did, all the dung that had been backlogged inside of her started to move. It was being flushed out of her, right into Johns open mouth, much to his delight.

He drank in her salty, mucky discharge with great relish, allowing the sludge to ooze into his mouth; he then applied what he hadn’t managed to swallow, now saturated with her piss, back into her gaping love hole.

It was a wonderful, moment of release for both of them, and they were loving every moment of it. 

After pissing, a thin slither of pink showed from between the yellow brown mound that had become Laura’s pussy. On seeing that beautiful pink slit, John once again put his face to it and hungrily sucked, tasting the tartness of her pussy and fully drinking in every moment of this wonderful experience. 

Now he couldn’t hold off anymore. He felt supercharged. He undid his belt and pulled off his jeans, singlet and underwear.

His cock was a raging ramrod of throbbing man-meat, and he was now so aroused, that he felt like he could rip her apart with it.

Seeing Johns massive hard-on, Laura could not resist but to pick up a handful of cow-dung, and apply it directly to his shaft. It felt cool and wet on his inflamed cock, like a wonderful salve which Laura used to rub him off; sliding his cock back and forth between her dung-filled hands. 

Her touch was tender and distinctly feminine.

The manure turned out to be the perfect, fecal-lube and it felt truly fantastic.

Laura then placed Johns, manure-dripping cock right between her lips and began to greedily suck it.

She sucked, bobbed and gobbled Johns cock, deepthroating him and tasting the cow-dung as it slid down her throat.

It felt so good, that John knew he would soon launch a torrential load of jizz right into her mouth, but he wanted to last longer. This experience was too unique to cum just yet!

So he stopped himself just in time, and removed his dick, dripping with spittle and cow-dung from Laura’s cock-hungry mouth.

He then climbed on top of her and used the very tip of his cock to tease Laura’s manure soiled cunny, using it to rake as much cow-dung inside of her as he possibly could, so that the excess filth oozed out from between her legs. 

They were both so horny, that they were practically beside themselves with an uncontrollable and animalistic lust.

Now John ripped off Laura’s top and bra, throwing them to the ground and exposing her massive udder like breasts.

Seeing those great pillowy titties, John felt compelled to pick up yet more manure, and smear it across her heaving bosom, leaving a yellow brown streak across her chest.

With another handful, he smeared her from her belly right up to her neck.

Laura could smell the manure quite strongly now, not to mention taste it.

“God, how he’s making me stink. He’s turning me into a work of manure-art” She thought with glee. 

Just then John had a burst of inspiration.

“Get down on all fours!” 

He ordered.

Wondering what he had in mind, Laura obeyed without hesitation.

“Now crawl over there..” He gestured to a far away part of the field” …and put your hands and knees in every cow pat that you come across”

“And when you get there..” he continued,

“I want you to wallow in all the filth you’ve collected, just like I know you love to do”

Laura looked ahead, and saw dozens of cow-pies, many of enormous proportions, that lay directly ahead of her. 

She realised that the muck that was on her now, would be nothing compared to how filthy she’d become once she reached her destination and did what John had ordered her to do. 

Her heart beat wildly at the thought of what they were doing.

It was so debased, so perverted, so maddening and it had only just begun…






Laura started moving her way through the manure filled pasture, taking care to put her hands and knees in every cow pie that she came across.

There were many.

Each one had a different texture and consistency.

Some had more of a crust than others, some were stickier and some were smellier but all of them broke under the weight of her hands, spreading their filthy ooze beneath her, as she mashed them between her fingers and crushed them with her knees. 

As Laura passed over the sloppy piles, John would pick up the remains and smear them over her big round ass, taking care to rub the bovine-slime into her exposed ass-crack and pussy, and slapping some of them right into her asshole.

Occasionally he would throw them at her. The ones he threw would break apart on impact, showering her naked body with their sticky, brownish-yellow goo.

 Laura then came upon two large cowpats that were sitting side by side.

“Lay in them”

Ordered John.

Laura obeyed, and as she did, each of her enormous breasts sunk into the piles of muck, until they was completely submerged in the sludge.

As the filth spread before Laura, pushed forward by the weight of her bosom, it released a rich and intoxicating stench, which made her head swim. She closed her eyes, savouring the experience.

Suddenly she felt John’s hands grab hold of her hips.

Instinctively she raised her ass, and felt his cock penetrate her from behind.

In that position, he commanded her from behind, vigorously fucking her, while slapping and smearing even more cow-dung over her peachy round ass.

He slammed, hammered and pumped, spreading the muck all over her body as he forcefully fucked her, pounding the ripe slop into her filthy love hole, so that she oozed with filth.

This rough-fucking, was making Laura build to orgasm.

“Oh OH OH!!” wailed Laura.

She could feel that she was about to cum. And John could feel it too.

Then he pulled out of her. 

“The swine! The scoundrel!!”

Laura could not believe it.

It was unbearable, agony for him to stop now.

How could he do this to her?

“Keep moving.”

He ordered, pointing ahead of her.

Laura kept on going, but now she was more feverish to be fucked than ever before in her life.

At that moment, she would do literally ANYTHING for him to finish her!

She staggered forward and came across more cow pats. Now she hastily grabbed handfuls of the slop, and wildly smeared it over her arms, breasts and belly, even on her face! She panted in desperation.

She needed him to finish her!

She was absolutely beside herself with frantic fervour to be fucked!

Finally she reached her destination, where an enormous pile of cow-crap lay waiting.

Here the ground was sodden with some of the deepest and foulest smelling farm filth that she had encountered.

Open your mouth, and keep it open.”

Commanded John.

Laura did so.

She then felt a hot feeling on her pussy lips.

John was pissing directly onto her cunt. 

The warm piss felt very good, as it splashed and trickled down her pussy and ass crack.

It dislodged some of the muck from her ass, which slid down and fell to the ground below. The piss had somewhat cleaned her rear.

But not for long, because after finishing, John slammed another cow pie right into her butt. 


Laura let out a yelp of surprise.

Then through her freshly plastered pussy he inserted his cock, and once again started taking her from behind.

Now he took hold of her, grabbing her ass, he held on tightly and fucked her HARD. He fucked her as a man POSSESSED!  

Slapping her ass with handfuls of wet cow-dung, John fucked, harder and harder, then slower and then just edged the tip of his dick into her sludge-mire of oozing pussy. 


Begged Laura, feeling the urgent, relentless need to cum. 

John slammed his cock deep inside of her, feeling it glide in, lubricated by all the piss and dung. Laura felt Johns dick penetrate her deeply, jabbing at her very core. 

She felt a slight twinge of pain, which only multiplied all the other sensations she was feeling.

Yellow-brown, cow filth oozed out of her cunt, as john plunged, pummelled and fucked her into submission.

Laura was moaning and hollering like and animal, and John knew that soon she would climax,

This time he wasn’t going to stop.

This marathon of feculent-faecal debauchery had plunged them both into the absolute depths of depravity, and they were now at breaking point, both physically and mentally: They were at the peak of their sexual stimulation and could take no more.

At that moment, John took hold of Laura’s hair and pushed her face straight into the biggest pile of dung that had been in front of her the whole time.

Her mouth filled with animal waste as he buried her face into the filth. She was now completely and utterly covered from head to toe in manure; 

She had become a beautiful work of art, a finished masterpiece of bull-dung artistry.

John ripped into her one last time and pushed his cock as far as it would go.

At that very moment, they both came, harder than they had ever come before. It was a moment of pure earth shattering rapture.


John emptied himself into the depths of Laura’s womb, pumping so much backlogged cum, that he thought he would never stop.

His dick was a farm-hose pumping his hot cum into her endlessly!

At the same time, Laura started to gush, spraying johns cock and balls with a torrential tidal wave of pussy juice. 

She moaned in a low, deep tone that echoed throughout the countryside for miles around.

Feeling completely and utterly spent, they collapsed together and held each other, in a most intimate and tight embrace, feeling lovingly bonded by this shared experience and bathed in the sweet stench of all that manure and of their love.

They held each other, feeling the warm glow of their after sex love as they leisurely caressed each other, tracing patterns in the cow slime that coated their naked bodies.

“I love you Laura”

Said John

“I love you too”

 said Laura.



The end


The sludge pit of doom.

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  1. Andy A says:

    Awesome story!!! I’d only suggest adding something about Laura swallowing the cowshit and I’d love if she had puked on orgasm all over John.

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