Horse Dung Lesbians Released

Horse dung lesbians released

Our first video of 2021 starts with two new “features”, the first one being horse dung and the second one would be our two new girls together in one video.

You can find the full product description, as always, on the product page.

Video Summary:

  • 48 minutes long
  • sensual kissing
  • getting naked and covering each other more and more with dung
  • Both licking each other in 69
  • Both girls sitting side by side while masturbating with a didlo, then they switch and help each other.
  • Niko start fucking Di with a strapon in various positions
  • nice closeups throughout the video from both girls faces, boobs, feet, asses and assholes and vaginas

horse dung lesbians released

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horse dung lesbians teaser

new release mid february

Our next video will be released mid february. It will also feature horse dung as well as one of the girls from the video above. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter to get the first previews of the new release.

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