Lyndra Lynn’s first time in cow dung and auction


We’ve a new video for you. This is Lyndra Lynn’s first time with cow dung. The video is 19 minutes long. On her first time with us Lyndra walks past a cow pasture and smells something very nice and familiar.

We also have her complete clothes and toys on auction, so if you’re interested in a unique piece from the video, you can bid on it. The auction is starting at the 15th August at 17:00 CET and will end on the 22nd August 20:00 CET

Lyndra lynn's first time on the cow pasture

One day I was walking along a cow pasture and a lovely scent came to my nose. So I went to the cow pasture and looked where the scent was coming from. The smell came from a cow patty, so my curiosity got the better of me and I had to step into a cow patty with my shoes. This sound and also this scent gave me an idea and I just started to play. First I rubbed my shoes slowly, but it wasn’t enough for me. So I went out with my buckets and always collected something in the buckets while playing. But at some point the desire took hold of me and I rubbed myself with the cow dung and played with myself on the side. Luckily I had my dildo and vibrator with me. I kept rubbing myself and getting it on the side and at some point I got so tired and closed my eyes while still lying in the cow pasture….

The Video is available in Full HD and ULTRA HD and is 19 minutes long.

I hope you all enjoy and like our first cow dung video with Lyndra.

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Lyndra Lynn's first time on the cow pasture Trailer

Lyndra Lynn's Auction

Here is a list of all items of Emily on auction. We’ve also added a “Buy Now” option, if you decide to buy the auction item for the displayed price. As always, these are the clothes Emily wore during the video, they are covered in cow dung. We’ve sealed them tightly, the packaging is safe, no smell or liquid can get out.


The auctions will end on the 22th August 2021 at 20:00 CET/Berlin. Each product ends at a different time, for the specific times, please visit the product page.


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