25 % end of the month sale – lyndra lynn voting

Our 25 % end of the month sale has started. Lyndra Lynn’s voting for her outfit is also still open. Also Lyndra Lynn has some new special products on her website. More about it down below.

Today is also the last day you can enter your submission in Betty’s Gangbang shoot. Tomorrow we will start the selection.

25 % End of the Month sale

All of our videos are on sale. Here are some of them.

Cow Dung

Mud & Manure

17,99 27,99 
12,99 22,99 
29,99 39,99 
From: 230,00 
24,99 34,99 
18,99 28,99 
9,00 18,99 

Lyndra Lynn's special products

Lyndra Lynn has some new special products on her website. You can see which down below. Also don’t forget you can buy her used panties and socks on her website if that’s your thing. She also offers custom videos, femdom and fetish.

Lyndra lynn's outfit

The final vote is still open. You can select 3 options from the list down below. We will select one of the top 3 results for her first shooting with us on the farm. You can see the voting results when you’re logged in.

What should Lyndra wear during her first shooting on the farm

This poll is no longer accepting votes


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