FAQ – frequently asked and answered questions

I've a problem with my order, how can I reach you?

If you have a problem with your order, you can contact us at support@manurefetish.com. You can also reach us via the contact form. Please include your order number. We will reply within 3 hours.

Please note there is no support request processed on our social media channels.

The order is completed but I can't download anything

If you start the download, but it downloads nothing or only an empty file, then switch briefly once to the other language (English or German) and try to download the file again. If it still doesn’t work then contact us, we will reply within 12 hours.

I'm a man and would like to be a part of it

At the moment we are only looking for female actors. For the future, however, it is also planned to include males. I’ve also the plan to make it possible for everyone with this fetish to have access to it. The plan is still in the early stages but I’m working on it.

What Data do you need if I want to order from you?

We only need your email adress for your order and after the checkout your payment details.

Is my payment anonymous?

Yes with every payment method there is no way in telling what you bought. For example if you pay via Credit Card, there is no product name listed on the statement, same with all of the other payment methods.

I've wrote you an email but didn't receive an answer

We answer all Emails sent to us, so please check your spamfolder our Email might be in there. In some cases your Email provider could block our emails. So just in case you could try another Email account and send your question from there.

I can't see any Teasers

We have trailers in every product, if you can’t see them it is probably because of your browser or a plugin you are using. Our videos run on Vimeo and are without ads, but there are some plugins that prevent the playback of Vimeo videos.