Bettys auction live again

Bettys auction live again, Bettys auction live again

the auction is live again!

The auction is now live again. We’ve reworked the auction system and it should now work as intended. We’ve also extended the auction to the 4th October, because of the time we lost. For the specific times each auction ends, please visit the product page of each item.

Items for auction

Bettys Auctions

Bettys Sneakers

Current bid: 1,00 

Bettys Auctions

Bettys Blue Top

Current bid: 7,00 

Bettys Auctions

Bettys Thong

Current bid: 21,00 

Bettys Auctions

Bettys Socks

Current bid: 6,00 

Bettys Auctions

Bettys White Jeans

Current bid: 8,00 

Auctions Closed

Bettys Handbag

Winning Bid: 91,00 

Auctions Closed

Bettys Sandals

Winning Bid: 58,00 

Auctions Closed

Bettys Pink Dress

Winning Bid: 150,00 

Betty loves manure auction trailer

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