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2 Girls 1 Manure Channel early access

We’ve a new video with Betty and Lyndra Lynn together. This is a very sensual erotic video where both caress their bodys and fuck each other, while, of course, covering themselves with the creamy cow dung.

The video is available as early acces on ManurePorn.com the full release on ManureFetish and our Darkfans Profile will be at a later date.

2 Girls 1 Manure Channel description

Betty and Lyndra Lynn are back in the cowshed. This time it will be sensually sweet and wicked. Both caress each other tenderly while they explore and touch each other’s bodies. They start to undress and then begin with the double dildo in the scissor position. After that Lyndra Lynn takes the lead and fucks Betty with the dildo. Now it’s Lyndra’s turn and she gets into the doggy position so Betty can fuck her from behind with the dildo. After both have made each horny, they start to smear each other with cow dung. Betty now finally wants to lick Lyndra Lynn’s pussy while she also masturbates herself. Both sit down now at the edge of the manure channel and fuck each other with the dildos, first crosswise, then each for themselves. Now it’s the first time they get in the manure channel together, where both caress each other and then submerge together. Both climb out of the slurry canal and start to fuck each other again. They use the dildos in different positions and both fisting each other. Betty and Lyndra Lynn are visibly having fun together as they climb into the slurry canal again and again, taking cow manure in their mouths and submerging together.

2 Girls 1 Manure Channel Trailer

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