Snow White and the seven dung dwarfs out now!


First thanks for everyone who took part in the casting and send us their application. For everyone who didn’t hear from us or couldn’t make it you are not forgotten. This won’t be the last gangbang we organize, since it worked out really well and went smoothly we of course plan to shoot more of that type.

Thanks for everyone who took their time to shoot with us. Everything went way smoother as expected, we hat a lot of fun and enjoyed our time together.

For all which are interested in our auctions. We of course have again another one. You can bid on Bettys Snow White dress and her shoes from the video. 

Summary of Snow white and the seven dung dwarfs

Our beautiful Betty is playing Snow White and our 7 men of course the dwarfs. The Queen wants to know who’s the filthiest out there. So she sends her Maid to bring Snow White to the filthiest place she knows. The 50 minutes long video includes a lot of different scenes. Here’s a small summary of it, you can read the product description for more details and of course watch the trailer to get an idea on what went down.

  • Sex in various different positions
  • A lot of blowjobs
  • A lot of smearing
  • Nearly all of the men peeing multiple times on Betty
  • Fingering
  • and much more

Snow white and the seven dung dwarfs Trailer

Full product description

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the filthiest of them all, asked the queen to the mirror. The mirror replied, snow white. So the queen sent her maid to bring snow white to the filthiest place she knows to test her, if the rumors are true. 

The maid arrives with snow white at the cowshed. She passes on the apple she received from the queen. By eating the apple snow white chooses her fate. The first of seven dwarfs arrives to relieve himself on her. One after the other until all have relieved themselves on snow white’s face.

One of the dwarfs goes back to snow white and begins to smear everything around her face and body and even gives her a brown kiss. The maid comes back to spur all remaining six dwarfs on to continue their work.

Snow white starts to suck multiple cocks, while getting peed on from the other ones. After some time they help her to climb into the manure channel, where she covers herself with the creamy brown cow dung. The dwarfs sit down around the edge and she begins to start each of the dwarfs’ cocks one by one.

After she sucked all the cocks, she gets submerged in the manure. After she resurfaces her dress is taken off and she gets more and more covered in cow dung, while she sucks their cocks.

Snow white is pulled out of the manure channel and is now getting fucked by the dwarfs in various positions. They fuck her in Cowgirl, Doggystyle and multiple dwarfs are switching so each of them can fuck her in missionary. The dwarfs don’t give her a break, she continuously sucks their cocks, while getting fingered and peed on. Of course she also has to give another blowjob circle in the manure channel, so that each of the dwarfs gets his personal blowjob while he can sit relaxed on edge. Near the end snow white remains in the manure channel so several dwarfs can give her cumshots and also can pee one more time on her, while she’s completely covered in the stinky manure.

The work of the dwarfs is done, they all walk out, while Snow white remains there in her filth, to have a little bit more fun on her own.

Snow White and the seven dwarfes auction

Here’s a list of what items are on auction and what time they end. They will all end on the 31st July at 19:00 (MEST)

Snow White Shoes 19:00
Snow White Dress 19:10
check the auction out

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