We’ve launched – Cow dung Fetish for everyone

cow dung fetish for everyone

Here we are, finally we made it. Cow dung fetish for everyone.

First of all thanks to all the support and encouragement for my project. Here are some things that will change or have changed. I won’t use Patreon any longer or haven’t done so for a long time, because the ToS have changed there and “Adult content” is only allowed there with exceptions anyway.

My previous videos were all available on Yezzclips. There they were also bought at regular intervals. But it didn’t bring much there, Yezzclips is on the one hand too unknown, the other problem is that the share of the turnover which goes to the company behind Yezzclips is way to much. There are so many fees that it is almost no longer worthwhile to offer anything at all there.

We are finally here and my main goal with the website is to keep my passion running for the time being. I want the project to be self-financing so that I can produce more as well. It is important that the costs are covered by the server. New equipment, above all a good video camera, is to be purchased. The actors also want to be paid.

What’s next?

The next step or what comes next are photo shoots. Two models have already contacted me for this. We are currently still looking for the right location. We plan to start the photo shooting in August at the latest.

Another model or more an amateur porn star is also interested in a video shoot. But here it depends on what the general interest is in it. Also, I wouldn’t start shooting this video until I have a better video camera to deliver the best possible quality.

A few more points I want to talk about.

The first thing I want to clarify is that animals are not involved or injured. It’s just all alone with their droppings.

The second point is, my current videos are only shot by me and me as “actor”. Some of them are years old and I made them just for me until I decided to make them publicly available.

The shooting alone was and is difficult, that will also change in the future, if I stand behind the camera and film another person.

Most of the current videos are shot at night. This is due to the agreement I made with the farmers concerned.

This also changes depending on the upcoming videos and the scenes in them.

If you have questions or suggestions you can send them to me via contact form or reach me via email.

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