Rada Brewer Metal Girl in Manure out now!


Rada Brewer’s latest solo video on the farm is out of Early Access and available for everyone. Her new video “Rada Brewer Metal Girl In Manure” is 48 minutes long and available in Full HD & Ultra HD.

Summary of Rada Brewer Metal Girl in Manure

Rada Brewer is wearing a nice metal girl outfit, with high chucks, spikes, a black dress and a Rammstein shirt, while she’s taking a walk on the farm she sees the juicy dunghill:

  • Sits on the edge of the dunghill and plays with the cow dung between her hands
  • Begins to masturbate her pussy through her panty
  • Slowly smears cow dung on her dress and pussy
  • Takes a step in the small creamy cowshit below the dunghill
  • The pump from the cowshed starts flowing and she grabs it and lets a lot of cow dung squirt on to her
  • Covers herself more and more in cowshit
  • Grabs the toys on the dunghill and starts fucking her assholle and pussy
  • Lays down in to the creamy cowshit
  • Masturbates in various positions

Rada Brewer Metal girl in manure

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Rada Brewer metal girl in manure trailer

Product description

Rada Brewer is taking a walk on the farm as she comes by a large dunghill with a lot of creamy cow dung from the cowshed. She can’t resist having some fun. She sits on the edge of the dunghill and starts touching her pussy while with one hand she feels the manure.

Rada grabs some cow dung and smears it on her panty and pussy and starts masturbating. She gets really horny as she covers herself even more with it. Then she climbs in the small lagoon and covers her body and clothes even more. She sits down in it as the hose from the cowshed pumps out more fresh cow dung. Rada grabs the hose and points the end of the hose on herself so she gets splashed with the manure from it. Now she’s really turned on and fingers and masturbates her wet pussy. She undresses and covers her body, while doing that she finds a dildo lying on the dunghill, which she takes and first suck it and then fucks her dripping pussy with it. She enjoys her time on the dunghill with all that creamy dung as she fucks herself to an wild orgasm.

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