Milena – Shaking Orgasms In The Dung Released

Milena shaking orgasms in the dung released

Milena’s first 44-minute solo video “Milena – Shaking orgasms in the dung” is now available at ManureFetish as full-HD and Ultra-HD version.

Milena simply loves cow dung and she also loves exploring every possibility that makes her even hornier!
She takes some of the manure and takes a deep breath of the smelly fumes before dipping her feet and socks into the bucket full of cow manure.
She smeared the dung on her feet and legs. Then she fills a stocking with cow dung and puts it back on. Milena likes the feeling of the manure on her feet and rubs it with pleasure between her fingers.
She covers her beautiful body more and more as she rubs her clit through her panties. She smears the dung on her face and rubs it into her hair while she continues to masturbate non-stop. Now she wants to try something new: She wants to know what the dung tastes like, so Milena slowly begins to lick the dung off her fingers. After that she wants to fuck herself. With the dildo she penetrates her pussy in different positions until she reaches a shaking orgasm!

milena shaking orgasms in the dung Trailer

Milena shaking orgasms in the dung

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