Manure Sports Dunghill Climbing out now!


We’ve got our first video with Rada Brewer and Lyndra Lynn together on the farm. With sensual fun on the dunghill and lots of cowshit. The full video is 40 minutes long and available on Full HD & Ultra HD.

We will also have an auction again for that video in a few days.

Summary of Rada brewer on the farm

Rada Brewer and Lyndra Lynn wearing some sexy sportswear while they taking a walk along the farm:

  • Both girls take a shortcut over the dunghill
  • They slide down into the manure pond
  • Rada and Lyndra begin to splash each other with cow dung
  • It gets more and more sensual as they smear each other with the creamy manure
  • They fuck each other in different positions with the toys
  • Both lick each others cow dung covered pussies
  • Fucking in many different positions with multiple orgasms with and without toys

Manure Sports Dunghill Climbing

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Manure sports dunghill climbing trailer

Product description

Rada Brewer and Lyndra Lynn taking a walk through the countryside as they approach a farm Lyndra suggests a shortcut. They didn’t notice it was a dunghill with a small manure pit under it. As they are on the hill, they both start to slide down in the creamy cow dung. Lyndra doesn’t mind as she enjoys the cooling right away, so she splashes some manure on Rada, who is first shocked. Only after Lyndra pushes her down into the creamy mess, she starts to enjoy it too. At first they play around and have fun, but then it gets more sensual and erotic. As both undress each other and begin to smear more and more of the creamy cow dung on each other. Rada first sucks on Lyndras beautiful boobs then Lyndra masturbates Radas pussy as she bends over. She returns it by starting to finger Lyndras’ now really wet pussy. In that moment Lyndra sees some toys lying on the dunghill. So she grabs them and both start to first suck on the dildo together. Then they fuck each other ass on ass with the dildo. Lyndra turns around takes the dildo and fucks Radas pussy really hard. She enjoys it a lot and wants to return the favor. Each of the girls takes a dildo and they fuck each others pussies with it. Lyndra Lynn wants to taste Radas cow dung covered pussy so she starts to lick it and Rada enjoys it. They both have so much fun together and enjoy their time in the creamy mess as they bring each other to multiple orgasms through their time on the dung hill.

1 thoughts on “Manure Sports Dunghill Climbing out now!

  1. lewis64569 says:

    This is an amazing video. These girls just love cow dung and cover themselves in it. Especially love the dung eating from the pipe. Love how they service each other. So exciting and every time I watch I see something new. If only I could join them. Cant wait to see these girls in more videos together. Please lets see more from these to amazing goddesses.


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