Lyndra Lynn Loves Shrek out now!


We’ve got a new video from Lyndra Lynn for you “Lyndra Lynn Loves Shrek is 33 minutes long and now available.

Lyndra Lynn Loves Shrek

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Lyndra Lynn Loves Shrek Trailer

Product description

My favorite movie is Shrek. I’m also inspired by his mud shower in his swamp. So I’ve also got some mud ready on my bed while watching Shrek. I cover myself slowly while sucking on my green dildo. I cover myself more and more with the creamy mud while fingering my pussy and asshole. After around 15 minutes it’s time for me to go all in. I go to my bathroom and climb into my bathtub filled with the rest of the creamy mud. Where I cover myself completely and masturbate in all my favorite positions till I reach a loud and messy orgasm.

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