Franky Back In The Manure Channel Out Now!


We finally got a new Franky video for you “Franky Back In The Manure Channel” is 30 minutes long and available in Full HD & Ultra HD.

Franky Back in the manure channel

Product description

After some long time Franky is back on the farm to finish up some work. He was cleaning up the cowshit for the cow calves and had to empty the buckets in the manure channel. He brings in the first two buckets and then the third one, as he tries to empty the first bucket into the channel he loses his balance and falls face first into the manure channel full of creamy cow dung.
He re-emerges from the creamy stinky dung and can’t believe what happened. At first he is disgusted but the feeling and the smell turns in on somehow. So Franky starts to smear more on him and use the full buckets to shower himself with cow dung. He is completely covered in it and he loves it. But now he suddenly has the urge to use the toilet, but the overall is so heavy and gets stuck in the manure, so he only manages to climb on to the grid before he messes himself. As the overall is stuck in all that manure, he loses again balance but this time he falls on his back in the manure channel and vanishes nearly completely. He emerges again from the thicc dung and begins to get out of the heavy overall. Then Franky lies on his back again and first starts to masturbate while nearly completely submerged and then has the idea, because the cow dung is so thicc, to fuck it.
He climbs out of the manure channel and fills his buckets, then pushes his head inside the bucket, holds his breath and masturbates. This turns him really on, so now he begins to finger fuck his asshole with one and two fingers. After that he gets back into the manure channel, where he jerks his cock in various positions till the end, where he while he orgasms submerges himself, then he just stays in the manure channel and relaxes.

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Franky Back in the manure channel trailer

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