Four new videos and auction


We’ve a total of four new videos for you. Two with cow dung and two WAM videos with mud an slime. We got some new Videos with Lyndra Lynn and Franky together.

Also we have a new Auction from both of Lyndra Lynns (and Frankys) cow dung videos. You can find the items of the auction at the end of the news post.

Lyndra Lynn's New Videos


Cow Dung

Cow Dung Maid

22,99 32,99 
18,39 26,39 
17,99 26,99 
14,39 21,59 
14,99 26,99 
11,99 21,59 

Cow Dung

Manure Shower

19,99 29,99 
15,99 23,99 

Manure Shower Trailer

Cow DUng Maid Trailer

Substance Experiment Trailer

Sticky Suprise Trailer

Lyndra Lynn's Cow DUng Auction

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