Lyndra Lynn’s Manure Pool available on DarkFans

New Video with Lyndra lynn in the manure pit

We’ve just released a new video with Lyndra Lynn in the Manure Pit. Her new video and first time in the manure pit is 37 minutes long and available in Full HD on our Darkfans profile. The Video will be available on a later date on ManureFetish.

Lyndra Lynn's Manure Pool Trailer

Bettys and Lyndra Lynns Darkfans profile

Don’t forget or in case you didn’t know. Betty and Lyndra Lynn have also their own Darkfans profile, where you can subscribe or buy all their video.

1 thoughts on “Lyndra Lynn’s Manure Pool available on DarkFans

  1. Gary says:

    Hi , Would it be possible to film in the future one of the girls say Lyndra dressed as a maid in the manure pool before the weather gets cold.

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