Erotic Story: Michaelas Manure Channel

michaelas manure channel

Michaelas Manure Channel

Nine times out of ten I was dressed in my usual grey leggings, white croptop and white sneakers. So, I gingerly plucked the outfit out of my closet and clad myself in it. Standing in front of the heart-shaped mirror at my makeup desk, I pulled my hair into a ponytail and secured it with a band. I smiled at myself, satisfied that I looked good enough to get drenched in fresh cow dung.

Two days had passed since I explored a pool full of cow dung. Two days seemed like forever, building in me an overwhelming desire to get back to the one thing that gave me pleasure. Today though, I would not be returning to the forest. There was somewhere else–somewhere just as grossly satisfying, where I could have everything I need at my fingertips.

I slid my feet into my sneakers and crouched to do the laces. My pussy tingled with excitement at the thought of what was to come. Just like every inch of my body, it longed to be covered with cow dung, and I was all too eager to give my body the luxury treatment it craved. Fuck what everyone else thought. Cow dung was my special skin treatment, and dung sites were my own massage parlors, where I would pamper my skin, and at the end get my own kind of ‘happy ending’.

I stepped toward my bed and picked up my purse from the nightstand. In it was a silicone butt plug I would launch at the cow shed. I bit my lower lip, eager to try out the cock-shaped toy.

I glanced around the house, making sure everything was in order before stepping out under the sun. The cow shed was quite a distance away from my house. I could use a cab, but the part of me that wanted to sweat it out settled for trekking instead. There was something about the way my sweat glistened on my skin as they trickled down my whole body. It was almost as exciting as the feel of cow dung coating my skin.

I had known the cow shed since my childhood and had been playing around its manure channel for longer than I cared to remember. So, I know my way around the shed, and could walk around it with my eyes closed.

Mr. Donovan waved at me when I arrived at the shed. “Oh, hey Michaela. Right on time.”
The man was no less than twenty years older than I was, but he was one of the sexiest men I had ever seen. That was probably because he often watched me playing in his cowshed and would often stick out his cock to jerk off. If I wasn’t so enticed by cow dung, I just might consider fucking his brains out. Maybe I would do that, one of these days.

I headed inside the shed, walking past big fat cows basking in the sunlight. They sure knew what I was there for. I was a regular visitor anyway.

Other times, I would just squat behind a cow while it pooped and smear the warm and creamy dung all over my faces. That way, once the cow shot out its poop, it dropped onto my face and down my boobs. But today was different. I wanted to do more than just pick some cowpat off the floor and smear it all over my skin. I wanted to immerse myself in it and get it all over my body, the same way I’d done in the pool.

So, I headed for the manure channel where I knew I would find an overflow of slimy stuff. The manure channel was right after the entrance, on the left side of the shed. I peeled off my clothes until I was stark naked. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Mr. Donovan staring at me. Somehow, it made me feel even sexier than I was. The man sure liked what he saw. As though his ‘I’m-dying-to-fuck-you’ stare wasn’t enough, he wolf-whistled, making me even more aware of his arousal. Lifting one part of the grided floor up, I lowered myself into the manure channel. Slowly and slyly, the manure swallowed up my legs. It rose up to my thighs, and then around my waist. The manure channel was waist deep. That should do. I reached down to coat my hands with manure and then I smoothed my palms all over my face and body, getting as much cow poop as I could get all over my upper body.

I slid my right hand down my body, pushing some dung through my tight anal sphincter and opening it up for my butt plug. I rammed my fingers in and out, the cow dung making it glide effortlessly. With my ass now stretched enough for the butt plug, I picked up the inflatable toy from the floor. It had fallen off when I lifted one side of the gridded floor.

Bending forward so my ass stuck out, I slipped the dung coated butt plug into my ass, pushing through my constricting muscles until the five-inch toy could go no further. I grabbed the ball of the butt plug and squeezes it slowly, savoring the feel of the cock inflating inside of me. My stomach clenched hard as pleasure coursed through me. I squeezed the ball some more, only stopping when it seemed like I would explode from sheer pleasure. With the butt plug deep inside my ass, I directed my attention to my wet pussy and started to tease it with my fingers. I ran my hands up and down, letting some poop streak into my tight hole

Fuck,” I muttered. “This feels so damn good.
I finger-fucked myself till I came like a force of nature, shooting out cow dung and my orgasm with an intensity that left me shaken.
That was fucking amazing,” I said, breathing hard.
One more of that and I would be on my way.

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