Brooke Maddison Dung Erotica out now!


We’ve a new girl for you “Brooke Maddison”, with her first video “Brooke Maddison Dung Erotica”, the full video of our new beauty is 41 minutes long and available in Full HD & Ultra HD.

Summary of Brooke Maddison Dung Erotica

Brooke is wearing a nice leather corset with some chap overknee boots and a leather panty as she walks in the cowshed and sees the open manure channel:

  • Covering her boots and legs first
  • Plays around in the manure channel with her feet
  • Covers her corset and face with it
  • Slowly slides in the manure channel
  • Undresses and covers her boobs and whole body with it
  • Masturbates in various different positions in and around the manure channel
  • Submerges in the manure channel while masturbating

Brooke Maddison Dung Erotica

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Brooke Maddison Dung Erotica Trailer

Product description

It’s Brooke Maddisons first time ever in the cowshed. It was always her dream to get really messy in it. She’s wearing her favorite leather corset and overknee high heels. She is really excited as she approaches the manure channel. Brooke dips her hand in the cow dung and takes a bit to smear it first on her boots. Then she puts her feet with her nice boots in the manure channel. She grabs some more manure and smears it on her corset and then her face. Brooke gets hornier the more she covers herself with it. She grabs some cow dung and puts it on her panty and begins to masturbate with it. Brooke turns around to show off her amazing ass and covers it with more manure. She slowly slides in the manure channel for the first time and unties her corset to show her beautiful boobs. She begins to cover her boobs with manure and begins to masturbate in the manure channel. She lies on her back in the manure channel while masturbating and submerging her head for the first time while she has her first orgasm. Brooke climbs out of the manure channel, now covered completely with cow dung and takes off her pants and boots. Now she masturbates in various positions while she covers herself again with more manure. She has multiple orgasms while enjoying being completely covered in all that creamy dung, this is what she always wanted to do.

3 thoughts on “Brooke Maddison Dung Erotica out now!

  1. mjm.elsing says:

    I bought the Brooke Maddison Dung Erotica video and want to thank you. this is what i’m looking for, this is what i want to see. Brooke is hot and gorgeous, and i love the long boots going deep into the dung. for me personally the boots should stay on until the end, but still a great video. I hope there will be more of this, and i hope Brooke comes back for another round.

  2. gojeal says:

    Brooke, is superb…. sexy, I jerk off all day long to her video… she’s magnificent, and her orgasms with her head in the shit, it’s just delicious. I would like more films with her.

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