Brooke Maddison Discovering The Joy Of Cowshit out now!


Discovering the joy of cowshit with Brooke Maddison is out now! Her new video is 37 minutes long and available in Full HD and Ultra HD.

Discovering the Joy of cowshit

Product description

Brooke is walking through the cowshed, as she sees a bucket standing in the empty cow box. She walks over there to grab it and bring it back. But then it happened, she didn’t see that where the bucket was standing under the pile of straw was the open Manure Channel and so she fell in it. First she is disgusted, covered in cowshit up to her hip. But as she climbed out she felt a rush of joy and arousal overcoming her. She begins to grab some cow dung and begins to smear it on her body. She covers herself more and more while she’s feeling a new sensation she didn’t have before, at least not with cowshit. She sits down on the edge and begins to masturbate through her pants. That’s not enough for her, she wants to feel more, bathing in it and being surrounded by it. So she undresses first and then slides in the manure channel and so begins her wild messy journey in discovering the joy of cowshit.

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Brooke Maddison discovering the joy of cowshit trailer

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