Emily in the Manure Channel and Eating in the Channel released! Custom Video Orders

Emily in the Manure Channel and Eating in the Channel released! Custom Video Orders

Emily in the Manure Channel

And here it is, it took some time but our first Photoset with a female model is ready. If everything goes well, then this should only mark the beginning.

Eating in the Channel

And here is the Video which I’ve recorded right after the Photoshooting with Emily. Seeing her covered in Cow dung and having fun was really nice. But the real thing is to do it yourself.

eating in the channel

Custom Manure Videos

As you might have seen in the shop there is now a product called Custom Video.

The purpose behind it is that there may be some of you who have special ideas or wishes. I want to fulfill them, whatever it may be.

For this you just have to contact me by email custom@manurefetish.com or contact form and tell me all your ideas, then I can tell you if I can realize it this way or not. Of course, we will then determine the length of the video and the price.


  • Daniel on August 7, 2019

    Hope we can see some female videos soon.

    • mad23 on August 7, 2019

      A female video with a dip of the head would be great.

      • ManureFetish on August 7, 2019

        That is definitively planned for the future.

        • mad23 on August 7, 2019


        • riktigatan on August 9, 2019

          The photo of Emily on her knees with her head near the manure made me want to kick her in lol!

  • Jenn on September 23, 2019

    I would buy a female video in a heartbeat!

    • ManureFetish on September 23, 2019

      There will be videos, just takes a little bit time 😉

      • mad23 on October 11, 2019

        The wait is long ….. do you have information to help us wait, the name of the model, the location and the date of shooting, the day of the release of the video? thanks in advance.

        • ManureFetish on October 11, 2019

          there will be a news post soon about the current state.

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