Catwoman Lyndra out now – New Auction


Lyndra Lynn’s first solo video in the cowshed is out now and of course with that we also have a new auction for you.

Catwoman Lyndra first time in the manure channel

In her new 39 minutes long video Lyndra is discovering the manure channel alone for the first time, she also finds a nice fuckmachine right next to the channel.

Lyndra Lynn is wearing a nice catsuit, a pvc bra, and some nice boots. All items she used or wore during the video are of course available in our auction.

You can read the full description on the product page. Here’s a short summary of what scenes are in the video.

  • Lyndra Lynn playing with the manure
  • Lyndra Lynn covering her boots with it
  • Lyndra Lynn sliding in to the manure channel fully clothed
  • Her covering the catsuit completely
  • Smearing the creamy dung on her chest and bra
  • Undresses during the video so she’s completely naked
  • starts to suck and fuck the dildo on the fuckmachine
  • Submerges completely in the manure channel

and much more. She had a lot of fun during her first solo video and you can clearly see that.

Catwoman Lyndra first time in the manure channel trailer


Here’s a list of what items are on auction and what time they and. They will all end on the 13th June at 19:00 (MEST)

Catwoman Suit 19:00
Catwoman Vinyl Bra 19:10
Catwoman Boots 19:20
Doc Johnson Dildo 19:30

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