My Badges

Here is the list of badges available on this website
Under the dung

You’ve bought Arielle the little dungmaid with Rada Brewer

Legendary - 0%
Join the Party

You’ve bought Manure Party Pit with Rada Brewer and Lyndra Lynn

Legendary - 0%
Tell me more about you Brooke

You’ve visted Brooke Maddisons Model Page

Legendary - 1.4%
Third Time’s a charm

You’ve bought three videos with Brooke Maddison

Legendary - 0%
One more Brooke

You’ve got your second video with Brooke Maddison

Legendary - 0.3%
Brooke the Dung Beauty

You’ve bought your first video with Brooke Maddison

Epic - 3%
Rada Brewers first time!

You've bought the first video of Rada Brewer on ManureFetish!

Legendary - 1.7%

You've bought the lesbian cowgirls video with Rada Brewer and Lyndra Lynn

Legendary - 0.9%

You've bought 5 Videos with Rada Brewer

Legendary - 0%

You've bought your first video with Rada Brewer

Epic - 3.8%
Creative mind

You've ordered your fith custom video

Legendary - 0%
You are just getting started!

You've ordered your second custom video!

Legendary - 0%
Don’t let your dreams be dreams
Legendary - 0.1%
You want every one of them NOW!

You’ve bought 10 Early Access Videos

Legendary - 0%
You really need it!

You’ve bought 5 Early Access Videos

Legendary - 0.2%
You can’t wait

You’ve bought your first Early Access video

Legendary - 1.3%
A tub full of shit

You’ve bought enough cowshit to fill a bathtub!

Legendary - 0%
Some (Cow) Shitty stories

You’ve read an erotic story

Legendary - 1%
Get them addicted to cowshit

Your reffered user(s) placed at least 50 orders(combined)

Legendary - 0%
They also like cowshit

A reffered user bought something

Legendary - 0%
A nice challenge

You’ve bought Squid Game Manure

Legendary - 0.9%
A very special prison

You’ve bought Dung Prison, with Lyndra Lynn and Franky

Legendary - 0.6%
Covered in mud

You’ve bought a video where mud is used!

Legendary - 1.2%
Slime is hot too!

You’ve bought a WAM video with Slime

Legendary - 0.2%
Other stuff is nice too

You’ve bought 5 Sell Your Content videos

Legendary - 0.3%
Sell Your Content explorer

You’ve bought our first Sell Your Content video!

Epic - 3.1%
Your Fifth year on the farm

You’ve been registered since 5 years

Legendary - 0%
Fourth year in the manure channel

You’ve been registerd for four years now!

Legendary - 0%
Third year in the manure channel

You’ve been registered for three years now

Legendary - 0%
Two years in the manure channel

You’ve been registred for two full years!

Legendary - 0%
One year in the manure channel

You’ve stayed one year in the manure channel

Rare - 18.1%
A lot of shitty emails

You’ve sent out 100 referral emails

Legendary - 0%
Cowshit everywhere

You’ve sent 50 emails

Legendary - 0%
Spread the smell

You’ve send out 10 emails

Legendary - 0%
It’s more fun together

You’ve referred 50 users!

Legendary - 0%
Bring them in

You’ve reffered 10 users!

Legendary - 0%
2 Girls 1 Manure Channel???

it sounds very familiar

Legendary - 1.7%
Take a swim in the manure pit

You own a total of 30 videos

Legendary - 0.2%
A bag full of cowshit

You’ve bought a bag full of cowshit

Legendary - 0.2%
A bucket full of cowshit

You've bought at least 10 Liters of Cowshit

Legendary - 0.1%
You like everything don’t you?

You bought at least one video with Betty one from Lyndra Lynn and one from Franky

Rare - 15.2%
You’ve referred someone

A user you've referred created an account!

Legendary - 0%
Your first referral mail!

You’ve send out your first referral mail!

Legendary - 0%
Your first order!

You’ve placed your first order!

Rare - 12.5%
Push them in the Manure Pit

A user visited our website, after he has clicked on a social link you've shared

Legendary - 0%
Welcome to the manure pit

You visited our shop page

Common - 66.4%
Social media here we go

You’ve shared us on a social media platform for the first time

Legendary - 0%
Are you a journalist?

You’ve wrote 5 reviews

Legendary - 0.1%
An honest man

You’ve wrote your first review

Legendary - 0.4%
Welcome to the Gulag

You’ve bought Betty’s Manure Gulag

Legendary - 1.4%
First Timer Lyndra Lynn

You’ve bought Lyndra Lynns first scat video!

Legendary - 0%
Shit and Dung covered Snow white

You’ve bought Bettys largest gangbang so far!

Legendary - 2%
Bettys first video

You’ve purchased Bettys first video she did with us

Epic - 3.2%
Our first ever produced female content!

You’ve bought our first ever produced content with a female, in this case of course with our lovely Emily!

Legendary - 2%
A true collector

You’ve won 10 auctions!

Legendary - 0%
A treasure hunter

You won 5 auctions!

Legendary - 0.1%
A true connoisseur

You won your first auction!

Epic - 2.5%
A thing for Franky

You own 15 videos from Franky

Legendary - 0%
Franky the founder

You own your first video from Franky

Epic - 7.6%
Lyndra Lynn collector

You own 15 videos with Lyndra Lynn

Epic - 4.5%
Lyndra Lynn Lover

You own 10 videos with Lyndra Lynn

Legendary - 0.5%
Only love for Lyndra Lynn

You own 5 videos with Lyndra Lynn

Legendary - 1.5%
Crush on Lyndra Lynn

Your first video with Lyndra Lynn

Epic - 8.6%
Collection of Betty

You own 15 videos with Betty!

Legendary - 0%
You support Betty no matter what she does

You own 10 videos with Betty

Legendary - 0.1%
You love Betty

You own 5 videos with Betty

Legendary - 0.5%
Someone likes Betty

You bought your first video with Betty

Epic - 6.1%


Legendary - 0%

You own 55 Videos!

Legendary - 0%

You own 50 videos! THAT IS CRAZY!

Legendary - 0.1%

You own 45 videos

Legendary - 0.1%

You own 40 videos

Legendary - 0.1%

You own 35 videos!

Legendary - 0.1%

You own 25 cowshit videos!

Legendary - 0.4%
Dung Fanatic

You own 20 cowshit videos!

Legendary - 0.6%
Manure Pit Explorer

You own 15 cowshit videos!

Legendary - 1%
Cowshed Newbie

You own 10 cowshit videos

Legendary - 1.8%
You begin to smear yourself with cowshit!

You’ve bought 5 cowshit videos!

Epic - 4.4%
You’ve stepped in cowshit

You’ve bought your first cowshit video!

Rare - 19.3%